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  • does this game not have a save function, so you're pretty much locked into a 2 hour uninterrupted sesh if you want to actually get anywhere?

    fuck that action.

  • No save function, it's a rogue-like by design.
    Because of the PSN save to network feature, users would be able to upload their save, turn off save sync, die, kill game, download their cloud save, try again.
    In order to override this they would need to have persistent online saving like Diablo3 Hardcore mode on PC but both console platforms found a way around that using the above method.

    It sounds awful but its part of the gameplay and its a very good player experience especially because, the second you die you immediately re-spawn at the start without any loading time.

    Some players argue that its good to grind up with caution so that you're best equipped to try again as I did previously but you do get a weapon proficiency boost when you take the shortcut to the second/third level and others are arguing that, that time-saving route is better as you get more practice on what has been defeating you to get over the intimidation factor.

  • Because of the PSN save to network feature, users would be able to upload their save, turn off save sync, die, kill game, download their cloud save, try again.

    if someone wants to go to this trouble, let them. It's a single player game.

  • yeah i get all that, but it kinda makes it hard for folks that can't set aside 2+ solid hours of gamerizing. what if someone knocks on the door selling much needed insurance products? or a small cat needs saving from a tree?

    saves are a fucking dealbreaker.

  • pause or restmode

    tbh, i think it should have a save/resume feature but, because of the way the game is designed, i don't think it's the massive deal breaker a lot of people are saying it is

  • Agreed, for £70 it's a lot if you're concerned about it. But it'll be a Playstation Plus game next year no doubt.

  • Sounds like Nier Automata, also had a stupid save system.

  • it's a deal breaker for me

  • hopefully the devs will patch something in. It really is a great game

  • Something wonderfully satisfying about hitting a Grand Slam on MLB: The Show. Can't put my finger on it...

  • I've yet to even give batting a proper go. Been pretty much only pitching on RTTS so far. I'm aiming for a no hitter or even better a perfect game and been close but haven't made it yet. Had a few shutouts and had a perfect up to inning 8 where a line drive got one batter on base which I was devastated by.

  • so I got returnal for free, and I really want to play more but my skills are not up to it. 2+ hour a go is killing me, and a random power fluctation or update and byebye game if on standby.
    I feel they could add some sort of save feature but not one you can trigger by going to save menu.

    what I'd really want is a clone of Hades god mode though

  • i don't understand why they wouldn't add some sort of save / checkpoint system. for a AAA tier game you really want to be appealing to as wide an audience as possible - it's just a sound marketing decision.

  • they want to be sci fi darksouls ? dunno, it does seem like stupid to limit your market off the bat... ESP at the high price point. If it was like $30, well maybe ok

  • FYI; seems like Game have the Xbox wireless headset in stock. Done a C&C on the hope I can pop down and collect later...

  • thanks for the heads up - snagged

  • damn... wont let me buy

  • EDIT: game doesnt like firefox. Or at least it doesnt like mine

  • Wahey, can pop down later. Lovely stuff...

  • I've had mine since launch - really great headset for the £.

  • I've been using some sony XM3s with an inline mic but I really struggle to hear my own voice even when the noise cancelling off (because using the wired connection) and with in-ear monitoring maxed... is that an issue with these ?

  • No. They don't have active NC. The padding keeps them fairly isolated but you definitely don't have the same issue as you would with a set of NC cans.

  • Got my headphones and working, but the pairing/sync button on my Series X appears to be fucked. F.

  • You're not pressing the eject button by mistake?

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Video Games

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