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  • Jesus Christ, finally managed to drop over 4k damage.

    Now I can die in peace.

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  • I'm back on my prey bullshit... getting into the groove now... issssss goooooood

  • Congrats! Still wish I had more time to use mine but completed Call of the Sea today.

  • game pass is just dumb good. been knocking it out the park lately too with new additions

  • Yeah, I currently have Nier Automata downloading from game pass - the value proposition is pretty mad even if you only play pretty casually.

  • Niiiiiice one. I haven't played in 4 weeks, the matchmaking put me through the most bullshit run of games imaginable for about 25 in a row and tanked my KDR so i thought fuck it. still haven't found the desire to jump back in (currently lvl 37 on battlepass and want to finish it so i'm gonna have to soon).

  • @sumo How's the update going?

  • Got home about an hour ago. Still installing games.

  • Don’t forget you can Ethernet them together and do network transfer / install of existing games.

  • Oh yeah forgot about that. Bit late now. Also I factory reset the One S before starting new one up

  • I don't think I'm ever going to buy a game again.

  • What's this? This good to know before Monday?

  • Got my first win in Warzone in ages. Strangely satisfying... didn't even realise it was end of game, was just trying to get a good weapon and got the final kill with a trash ground pickup

  • I was going to ask if I could just have a link but thought you'd have more fun explaining it. Truth, I was in bed and fading fast and your soothing update would gently push me over.

  • What if you have 8tbs of games but obviously not on the new one?

  • If you’ve just got an external USB, then you’ve got to follow these complicated instructions:

    1. Unplug from Xbox one
    2. Plug into Xbox series x
  • no quick resume or fast loading times if you do that, right ?

  • 😂

    You're the picture of patience!

    I miss seeing your face.

    How's dad life? Seems like you're super chilled. Soul is the reed in wind.

  • Quick resume and quicker load times still present but you can only play games that aren’t X|S enhanced from an external drive.

    Of course, though the load times will be quicker than the Xbone, they will still be determined by the IO speed. An external SSD will only be around 5% slower than the internal drives, to load last gen games but a platter drive will still be slow (quicker than xbone still).

    This because quick resume dumps game state to the internal SSD and the CPU does a lot of the unpacking which decreases load time.

  • Anyone got those new wireless headphones? Not in stock, but tempted to treat myself when they're available from the MS store again

  • Yes. They’re pretty good, especially for the £

  • Ooh, a dispatch email.

  • Disco Elysium is out for PS4/PS5 tomorrow - very excited to finally play it!

  • Ooh, a dispatch email.

    Nice! News?

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Video Games

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