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  • slay the spire is amazing. hard tho

  • Hard is good

  • Slay The Spire is alright, I much prefer rogue-lite's like Hades. Proper roguelikes make me feel like I'm never making any progress.

  • I went pretty hard on Slay the Spire for a while and got burnt out - but that's sort of indicitive of how good it is in the first place.

    Recently been playing the demo for Loop Hero, interesting mix of deck builder / auto battler, very much looking forward to the full release on Thursday.

  • Didn't know this was a game in development. Music by Hideki Naganuma as well so pretty much should be Jet Set 3.

  • anyone on here play apex legends on the regular ? comes out on switch next week and think it's crossplay with PS4. quite fancy picking it up since it's free to play... sure there's an annoying learning curve to get over initially tho : /

  • @HatBeard I believe is

  • I had similar thoughts, decided to download on pc instead of waiting for switch, then got too busy anyway. Still kinda interested but it'll have to wait til April for me.

  • Stardew valley is ridiculously good.

  • The combination of relaxing atmosphere with the aggressive min-maxing strategies it beings out in me is certainly noteworthy!

    Up there with Spelunky & Minecraft in terms of "buy it on ALL the platforms!" for me

  • Yeah I'm on it a lot. my psn/crossplay name is hatbeard (surprise surprise) should be easy to find.

    I'm in the shitty position that I'm only just ok at the game but I'm just good enough that they put me in the upper tier lobbies so playing with me will likely be a baptism of fire for you (much as it is for me when I play with Dragunov who is actually good at the game and we go into the upper upper tiers). happy to jump into some duos games and show you the ropes at some point though.

  • If anything like JSRF it could be awesome. Really loved that game on xbox original. Super soundtrack still earworms

  • Shit I missed this, looks & sounds great! Still play Jet Set Radio on the Vita, shame Bomb Rush Cyberfunk doesn't look to be coming to Switch.

  • What's the forum verdict on a gamepad for PC - something from Xbox/microsoft seems to make intuitive sense?

  • Ps4 pads work OK too but it requires a bit more faff using a program called ds4windows

  • gamepad for PC

    Controller? I think the xbox controller is great with a windows machine. Both MS so compatible. As long as you have bluetooth in your machine.

  • I use a wired 360 controller, I just plug it in and it works. My desktop doesn't have Bluetooth and I'm most used to it than any of the other options

  • will an older pad work ok? xbox 360 or similar?

  • Agreed! I found the iPad to be my favourite place to play it in the end

  • I’ve got an Xbox 360 wired controller you can have if you want?

  • Im so excited for this - everyone wanted a jet set sequel and its great a team just did it themselves

    Bomb rush cyberpunk is such a good name too.

  • Kind offer but I'm keen on wireless if possible. Thanks!

  • An older 360 wireless controller will still need this adapter I think -­ss-Gaming-Receiver-Windows/dp/B000MGVAAQ­ (edit: the official one doesn't look to be made anymore but plenty third party ones around or maybe second hand on ebay or something)

    If you have to buy the 360 controller and the adapter it might work out to be the same price as a newer one?

    Think the new ones should work ok with the bluetooth provided the PC can connect?

  • Looks like it should be quality, only dissapointment for me is that they look to have taken out the skates.

  • You can get a wireless adapter for Xbox 360 controllers which works fine. Xbox One controller and bluetooth is the easiest I'd say.

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Video Games

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