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  • Oh and that cost is plus the screen (console assumes everyone already has a TV), keyboard, mouse etc.

    As someone who has owned a computer monitor, keyboard & mouse for a few decades while not never owning a TV, I'll ignore that point ;)

    I guess as I'm not one for bleeding-edge graphics the equivalent cost PC does me fine performance-wise (honestly I'm perfectly happy with 60fps 1080p which may be heresy to others.

    Had no idea that modern consoles had some relatively proprietary data streaming tech going on. Shall go have a read on that, sounds pretty interesting. Don't think the hard disk argument has any merit IMO, even I with my several year old £500 PC doesn't run games of a hard disk!

    My current PC is my first desktop I've had in around 15 years so I've only added some RAM and an SSD which came in at £100. No idea on what the graphics card market will be like when I get the urge to upgrade that (or the CPU for that matter), but I'd be surprised if it would be more costly when factoring in the cheapness of the games relative to console.

    I'd counter your last point by saying that my PC can still run games I've owned since I started playing on it in the 90s. Even if I owned all the PlayStations under the sun I'd still need to get my PS2 setup if I wanted to play Super Monkey Ball or something. Starting up Unreal Tournament, Max Payne, Driver: San Fransisco are all just as easy as starting up Cyberpunk. That wouldn't be the case for consoles where you'd presumably need all your generations hooked up along with some A/V converters for the older consoles (got some little box to allow me to play my PS2 through the computer monitor).

    Anyway, I'm not out for an argument, just genuinely curious. It does seem like the gap is closing, but that could be just my point of view and not actually reflected in reality.

    Jesus that was a long response, apologies for that.

    Edit: Damn, top of the page too. Apologies to everyone else for that.

  • You're right about backwards compatibility, PCs are always going to have that advantage, whereas consoles have the future games advantage.

    If you've already got a decent PC and are happy running at 1080 60fps then spending a little on a new GPU can be a worthwhile upgrade. I find the annoying part is when a new GPU will be bottle necked by the CPU or RAM so you should really upgrade those too but then you find all the new CPUs have an updated socket or the RAM is now quicker so you need a new mobo too and it all starts to add up to "fuck it buy a whole new PC" money.

    All the tech points aside I think there's fundamental differences in how you play a PC or console. I've been PC gaming since I was 14 playing CS 1.6 or the first Rome Total War, but these days I live with my girlfriend and it's a much more solo thing playing on a PC. We can sit side by side on the soda and play Apex Legend together on separate xboxs or I could go shut myself away and play PC games like a loner. Saying that I think I'm going to buy a gaming laptop at some point for Civ/Total War games on the sofa and probably sell off the tower.

  • stardew valley

    easy to break away from

    Pull the other one

  • Had a quick look while running Cyberpunk and currently the bottleneck seems to be the CPU, but no idea how much further that would get me until I need a new GPU.

    To be fair on the latter point, (again this is probably my setup where I don't have a big TV in the living room nor a video-game playing other half), but wouldn't that be solved by sticking the PC in the living room? I'm guessing it's largely just used for gaming (with a work-issued computer for your job), it's not really any different in functionality from a console?

    Anyway, fairly sure the obvious conclusion is that there's no real benefit for consoles for me (not bothered on bleeding-edge graphics for sub £1k, no need for couch-coop and no existing fancy TV to play it on), but that's definitely not a bunch of criteria that are applicable to everyone.

  • Valid point, I've resorted to leaving post-its on my Switch reminding me what my priorities are for the upcoming day, as that was the main reason I would play for hours on end. The fear of forgetting to do what I had planned for the next day whenever I come back to it.

  • yeah whatever works for you. I can't use a mouse/keyboard from the sofa and there's very few pc games I'd want to play with a controller.

  • A good shout thanks - I did buy some games in the sale at the start of OG lockdown and never played them because I was too busy running around Warzone, maybe I'll go try them for a change!

  • Hey @ChainBreaker - How are you getting on with Hades?

  • To be fair, that's a very valid point. I tried using a controller with Cyberpunk and just could not get on with it. Will be interesting to see if/when trackball controllers take off. Seems to be a potentially decent compromise (though would require game devs to account for the different input scheme).

    Edit: Looks like there's a few DIY versions, looks pretty interesting!­V1k

  • Hey @ChainBreaker - How are you getting on with Hades?

    I got the controller to connect directly to my pc, which makes a WOLRD of difference. Much better.

    The bit I'm struggling with is the will to play. Work is crush me at the moment, so playing games are a struggle.

    How you doing?

  • Looks a bit like the Steam Controller which was a bit rubbish.

  • 30 something deaths. Made it as far as halfway through Elysium once. Good fun. Fuck that Hydra thing tho.

  • Wasn't the steam controller a haptic touchpad?

  • Yes, I mean in terms of trying to blend controller and mouse style controls.

  • I'd say it definitely be an improvement for a lot of games, especially shooters. Though given the amount of games that use right-stick for camera movement, without some way to revert to default settings it would be a pain for those.

    I do miss the days of interesting controllers, even if most of them weren't all that great. Namco created some ridiculous ones for Ridge Racer alone:

  • My Hades update - finally completed with all aspects. The last spear was a real mission, never really got the spin attack heal working very well. I’d heal 3 then get hit for 15 damage in the process.

    Still one more companion to unlock and quite a few scroll challenges.

  • Anyone here have a Quest 2? am considering it (linked to PC)

  • Hades update here: using a controller now too and it’s night and day. Indirect fires a ballache but otherwise clearing pretty consistently. All aspects unlocked, just figured out companions (been trying to avoid spoilers) and it’s just perfect for a 5-10min break whilst the baby‘s napping.

  • Played my way through absolution and I think I'll buy hitman 3 come pay day.

  • you might want hitman 1 2 and 3 in that case - they're all essentially the same game mechanics wise and each sequel is a direct continuation of the last.

    looks and plays fantastic on the ps5

  • I do. Had a quest 1 too.

    90Hz, higher PPI & controllers are better than Quest 1. Everything else is worse. Build quality isn't as good, FOV isn't as good and the lenses are cheap.

    It's still an amazing piece of tech, considering it's wireless, but if you're using it for PC link, I would stick with a PC specific headset.

  • The only comparable alternatives (Reverb G2, Index) are vastly more expensive than the Quest 2, even after including the link cable. Also neither are currently available in the UK but I dunno what it's like in the States.

    I've read about plenty of people using them successfully with the PC. As far I'm aware the only serious downside is the facebook requirement, which is obviously a personal thing. It's why I have the G2.

  • Hades update.
    Tried some speedrunning
    20 mins on 8 heat
    Have reached 13 heat on fists
    Beat hades now 8 consequitiv times
    Favorite build Zeus on rail attack with additional bounce. Clears rooms in seconds

  • Obvs don't have time to be gaming right now but that hasn't stopped me and a big shout out for kingdom come: deliverance being the worst experience ever.

    I played it in the past on bootcamp and maybe the poor performance masked the buggy reality.

    Playing it now has tempted me to rage uninstall.

    Terrible save system that gets you drunk when you use it - and if you use it too much you develop alcoholism (developers: 'oh we want it to be real and not reliant on saving all the time' fuck off, just make it playable). Awful autosave points so if you complete a load of quests it doesn't autosave until you start a new major questline. Easy to die - early game you'll die most fights and end up just training mobs. Late game and you have situations like just now: I've spent two hours riding around the map, earned loads of late game armour to sell to fund my new village etc etc, managed to complete a really buggy quest where you have to carry a body through the woods at night without a light (because you can't hold a torch when carrying a body nor can you put a body on your horse because reasons - carrying the body reduces movement speed to 15% and bushes/sticks grass are physical obstacles that block you, but you still make the walking sounds/animation and because it's so dark you can't tell you're just walking on the spot) - finally handed in, ready to bank my money and make a manual save, climbed off horse in town outside trader, fell to my death.

    All this means you can play for hours and do lots of grindy riding from place to place finding treasure / winning battles and all progress vanishes in a flash. All I want is for Pribyslavitz to be profitable under my tenure as Bailiff.

  • Missing Skate right now. Is Skater XL worth the money?

    Might see if I can hold out for Skate 4 🤔

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Video Games

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