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  • Bloody skill based match making. Few really good rounds ( > 3 KD) followed by a couple of really fun ones (around 1.5 to 2KD) and then I got dropped into the shark pool and struggled to break even. So it looks a bit like I'll be playing Cold War for 6-8 matches at a time then stopping before I throw my controller through the TV.

  • Lefties, anyone made the effort to rebind keys in all games? I'm thinking I may...

  • Isn't the entire point that if you're playing people of a comparable skill/challenge then you should be just breaking even?

  • New toy arrived today :)

    Only had chance to take a quick peek at lunchtime, can't wait to give it a spin in Star Wars Squadrons later.

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  • Forgive my ignorance, but what is it?

  • HP Reverb G2, to be precise.

  • Ah, thanks, the picture on the box made it look a little like a bizarre cast-iron medieval torture crown.

    Hang on, that's probably exactly what it is. :)

  • Sbmm can be funny, I often find myself in a team where I'm the best person and have to carry everyone else and the other team are all hitters. This is on MW though, so different sbmm to Cold War.

  • Right handed but use the mouse in my left hand as the rest of my family is left handed and that's just how I've always used a mouse. I often switch WASD to IJKL and then depending on the game will switch surrounding keys as well if it's needed.

  • Yeah think thats what I need to do, I find leaning and that kinda thing super hard in some games because I have some sort of weird claw hand going on.

  • WASD always confused me, I used the arrow keys BITD playing Doom and Duke Nukem...

  • Yeah I did hear something about 30fps then another that it had been fixed and now went to 60

  • A seller on eBay has the new Devil May Cry 5 Special Editon at £29.99 (RRP is £34.99) plus there’s a promotion from eBay that gives you additional 15% discount.

    Managed to get it for £25.59 which is pretty good for “new” release and absolutely can’t wait for it (haven’t played the previous gen).

  • @soul
    Tim you get your new console?!

    What's it look like?

    Compared the 2?

  • I’ve got a series X and a PS5 though Amazon lost my actual PS5 so I ended up using the one I was selling (at rrp) to another forumer.

    Xbox looks miles better. Just a much more grownup design.

    PS5 controller has cooler functions but they’re only really implemented well in one game right now. Also, it’s better than the DS4 in the hand but the XSX controller is still better ergonomically.

    Front end of the PS5 UI is prettier but it’s skin deep. Actually usability is worse than Xbox by a long way. Especially some of the features it’s missing if you have a high TV. No VRR? Fuck off. No way to turn off the PS5 with a single button hold / press? Come on. Basic. No ability to store PS5 titles on external storage? Sigh. No Dolby vision?? Etc etc etc

    PS5 definitely has better launch games. Astro is amazing and I completed it in pretty much one sitting. Dark souls looks incredible (but i suck at it). Enjoying playing through Spider-Man remastered before starting Miles Morales. But I have over 300 games I ‘own’ that play perfect on Xbox, not including all the new EA access stuff and 1st party stuff coming to game pass.

    I’ll spend more time playing on the Series X but it’s nice to finally get to play some of the Sony exclusives.

  • Control on Gamepass from the 3rd, get in

  • anyone got Sekiro for PS4 that they'd pass on cheap?

  • Anyone interested in testing the purchasing experience of the new Xbox on the Argos website feel free to DM me and I can add you in.
    No incentive whatsoever, just might be fun.

  • Does it have the gamepass subscription option?

  • Yeah thats part of the experience that needs testing...

  • Argh.

    I'm so tempted but worried it'll be another console I use a few times and never touch again. Except I'll keep paying £20/30 a month... Fuck.

  • buy a ps5. we can start a guild! or some shit.

  • Anyone interested in testing the purchasing experience of the new Xbox on the Argos website feel free to DM me and I can add you in.

    No incentive whatsoever, just might be fun.

    Do you end up with an xbox?

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Video Games

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