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  • Watchdogs (meh) and No Man's Sky both have free PS5 upgrades. No Man's Sky reputedly much more content now so have installed that to give it a go!

  • Thanks for the warning on this, almost picked it up as post demon's souls, pre god of war stop gap but I'll refrain until its significantly cheaper next Black Friday.

  • Anyone got a Quest 2? Price point is getting me interested

  • I do.

    It’s good. Requiring a Facebook account can fuck off but there’s no doubt it’s an incredible device.

    I had a quest 1 as well and there are elements of that that I prefer, like the out of box strap and FOV but the better resolution and higher frame rate are game changers.

    You definitely don’t need the larger storage one btw...

  • I've heard so many horror stories about peoples Facebook accounts getting banned for some unknown reason and losing all their oculus purchases.

  • Yeh see lots of people crying about the facebook issue but that ship sailed over a decade ago for me and facebook know my life, so not overly worried about that aspect.

    One thing I am slightly confused about, if me and my daughter both want to use it, it seems you can't share a game library as only a single player log on due to facebook not doing profiles?

    I have seen some discounts already, might see what black friday and christmas bring.

  • My Reverb G2 is finally due to arrive week on Tues. Nice early xmas present to myself for being good.

  • They don’t have multiple accounts (still). Apparently they’re on the cards at some point.

  • Really enjoying AC Valhalla at the moment. Mostly ignored reviews to avoid preconceptions but saw the headlines about it being possibly the best yet. Was skeptical but they might be right.

    It's very much cut from the same cloth as the last couple, so isn't likely to change the opinion of anyone who wasn't a fan of those. Definitely a million times better than the last one set in England.

  • Really enjoying AC Valhalla at the moment.

    Took me a moment to realise you weren't talking Assetto Corsa there...

  • Is the new COD any good?

    Haven’t played a campaign or multiplayer COD in over a decade.

  • Have you played warzone?
    Great fun with a squad

  • Yes. That’s the only COD I’ve played since Xbox 360 times.

    It’s fine but i was mostly playing solo. Don’t really like BR type games usually.

  • Finally playing The Outer Worlds. Oooof. Good game.

  • Apparently a series x patch is coming soon which will improve resolution detail and frame rate...

  • Really?

    It's a lot of reading and not much gamey game beyond "find this NPC's backstory and collect loads of worthless loot that you can't sell"

    Each to their own.

  • My laptop 1660Ti seems to be handling it pretty well at 1440p with very high everything. It recommended Ultra but frame rate was a bit lower than I’d like.

    @greenhell - FO3/New Vegas are my favourite games of all time. More of the same formula suits me just fine.

  • I'm enjoy it. I've mostly been playing zombies with mates. Really handily they've made the XP shared, so if I do dip into multiplayer, I've got guns etc unlocked too.

    Multi is good for dipping in, I only stick to a few modes, but they're fun and fast.

    Only done one mission of campaign. It was ok, boombastic.

  • Finished the Cold War single player campaign last night; quite enjoyed it. They actually tried to tell a bit of a story for a change and you could make SOME choices (although I don't think they make much difference apart from the very end).

    I'm finding the skill based matching a bit of an arseache. Play at 4pm (working from home obvs) and rack up a good K/D against school kids who aren't very good and you end up in a fairly serious set of players quite quickly which is not so much fun when you want a couple of quick games late night.

  • I know this pain!
    I think I'm on the cusp between tiers so I start the day off in some kind of god mode where I feel anything is possible & maybe it would be a good career choice to quit accountancy & start streaming (lol), then buy the end of the day I'm getting mowed down from every direction & haven't seen my own load-out in WZ for a few hours!

  • I think this is the same experience for most people, CoD's skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is too aggressive, it seems to only have 2 buckets, idiots and hackers. If you google "SBMM" you'll see there was lots of chatter online about it when Modern Warfare came out because some Twitch streamers were found to be joining games to suicide hundreds of times when not on stream to bring their SBMM level down and so they could actually get kills again.

  • nnnnnnnnggggh hollow knight is so good. any further indication of when the sequel is coming?

  • Cold War seems worse. Partially because you get a new lobby each round I suspect so there's no sitting in the lobby with the same players when you get a good one.

  • Yeah I'm across SBMM & have seen people claiming reverse boosting etc... But I've looked and can't see it in their actual stats on cod tracker (unless there's a way to block your stats being uploaded).
    Something is definitely going on though because I've watched Mutex playing and it's like he's paid a hundred people to just run towards him with their eyes closed & thumbs taped down, when given his stats he should only be playing against pros, so who knows!

  • nnnnnnnnggggh hollow knight is so good. any further indication of when the sequel is coming?

    Good. Had my shiny new Xbox Series X arrive.
    Just started Hollow Knight. Way to make use of the console power.

    (Not sure why I needed the Series X - I mostly played Dead Cells before)

    On that note - got a mint condition Xbox One X for £200 if anyone's interested.

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Video Games

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