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  • fuckers. I brought mine yesterday but have had a due today text from DPD.
    unsurprising if it's Hermes being shit.. at least it's a double?

  • It’s not a double though.

    This is the digital edition I want. The disc edition is already dibsed by someone on the forum. So I can’t even open the one that arrived yesterday.

  • I'm not one for console wars, but from the outside it looks like an absolute shambles of a launch with deliveries

  • That sucks. Shouldn't it ultimately be Amazons responsibility, they're the one that employed the courier etc?

  • Immaterial if they just shrug and say 'sorry - lost, here's a refund' and you have to wait an indeterminate amount of time before you can buy another...

  • Was pondering this yesterday. Evidently demand far outstripped supply - be interesting to know if that was down to

    a) Sony under-projecting lockdown related demand/demand generally.
    b) Sony projecting demand but not being able to produce enough stock.

    I did have a giggle at people on twitter yesterday frothing at the mouth being absolutely disgusted by John Lewis not being able to provide their precious with a Playstation despite them calling up the day before. The website should be prepared to encounter any amount of traffic. They were refreshing eighteen devices and the website was still crashing.

    Anecdotally, a lot of people I've seen lamenting not being able to get one, aren't people I'd have ever pegged as 'launch day' console buyers previously.

  • It may be an absolute shambles, but nothing compared to the state of the graphics card world at the minute...

  • Thats fairly well known to be a supply side issue due to pushing out relatively new silicon though right?

  • Of course.

    Can't get an actual human on the phone at Hermes so just spoke to Amazon. They said it'll turn up sometime between now and Sunday but I think it's lost. There hasn't been a single update on the tracking on Hermes since Wednesday morning.

    Once Sunday rolls around, they'll just give me my money back and I'll be shit out of luck.

  • That's properly shit man. Hope it will turn up to you soon.

  • Got my digital, enjoying demon's souls on it. Loving the interface and also struggling with the interface. It's a bit over simple sometimes.
    The new iOS Playstation app is great and its integration with what your PS5 is unto (downloading and installing games in rest mode) is good.
    Tried Warzone, aware its still a PS4 build and not uplifted for PS5 in anyway but found the performance, graphical glitches en all to be identical to the PS4 Pro.
    Will clear demon's souls then revisit God of war as I never finished it all, just the main story interested to see how that performs on ps5.

  • hopefully the god of war map no longer tries to detonate your console but spinning the fan up to to a billion rpm.

  • I’m sure no one here will be surprised to learn that the Hermes tracker has done sweet fuck all still.

    Amazon are doing nothing to help.

  • Control Ultimate Edition for £17.49 a good shout? Seems like it'll get an Optimized upgrade at some point in 2021 as well...

  • Yeah I think so. One of the best games of recent times in my opinion.

  • Yeah, I’m assuming that comes with the original game and the two dlc packs, then if so a great deal.

  • Pretty disappointed with Spiderman Miles Morales. Story just starts picking up and then it's done. Less than 10 hours. Oh well, onto replaying God of War on PSPlus, looks great in native 4k.

  • Have you played the first one? Do you need to play them in order?

  • Yeah. You can do without playing the first one if needed. Original is really great though and remastered on ps5 is fantastic. Recommend.

  • Presumably the PS4 version is auto upgraded for the 5 at no extra cost?

    I've still only played xcom2 on mine. So quick!

  • Presumably the PS4 version is auto upgraded for the 5 at no extra cost?

    This is Sony we’re talking about. It is absolutely not a free upgrade. You either have to pay for miles morales special edition (£70) or buy the upgrade for £20

  • Fair enough. Will probably play them in sequence then

  • Well fuck that business. Looks like I'll be playing ten year old games until the price drops start kicking in.

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Video Games

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