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  • Because playing at 20fps is part of the difficulty

  • Have finished control dlc:1 liked it immensely, once I figured out using the shotgun, worked on the hiss sharpened, and using the new environment powers to kill off groups of enemies was much easier than trying to take them out one by one.
    There's a couple of little altered item easter eggs that I could do to complete it totally, but not sure what they'd add to the experience.
    So rolled straight into control dlc:2, which is a bit creepier with the lighting up the dark mechanic, control was always a bit of a gloomy game anyway so they haven't had to work hard to darken it to make this new thing work.
    Quite refreshing exploring new parts of the oldest house, and the work they've done with the save points, putting some directly in front of boss battles, means you don't have to travel very far to restart when you inevitably get killed. Haven't played the arcade game that gives you access to multiplayer/old boss fights, but will give it a go in a bit. Also might give the jukebox missions another go, now I've got some new abilities and the new sticky bomb gun..

  • Other PS5 has now shipped.

    shame i'm ridiculously busy at work and will likely have to work the weekend; despite having Friday booked off.

  • Xbox has no gaems


  • For those of you waiting on the PS5­es/PlayStation-s-secret-weapon-a-nearly-­all-automated-factory

    (One console complete every 30 seconds)

  • Got a discount code from GAME for preordering PS5 which applies to some next gen games.
    After the discount is applied, it drops the games to £30.

    Worth mentioning are:
    Dirt 5 (Series X or PS5)
    Yakuza Like a Dragon (Series X)
    Marvel's Avengers (Series X or PS5)

    Let me know if you'd like code.

  • Ah bigger! The struggle!

  • Doesn't look like my Digital Edition is arriving today. Was dispatched by Amazon yesterday but Hermes are still 'expecting' my parcel.

    Disc edition is at the local hub ready for delivery.

    I guess that makes my decision re: working late tonight.

  • Samsung Q80T arrived yesterday, looks amazing... now imagine the odds of bagging a ps5 today is slim.

  • That sucks, I thought all Amazon deliveries were going out "amazon dispatch", mine is only 5 stops away right now. ShopTo haven't posted themselves, Centersoft is doing it, the same with some other shops like Argos. Apparently they're reliable but no idea when it's going to arrive.

  • Saying that, it looks like although the driver is "5 stops away", he's sat in the car park opposite my flat.

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  • imagine the odds of bagging a ps5 today is slim.

    guaranteed every shitheel with a little spare money is going to buy to resell because of scarcity.

  • Not around here (nr Cambridge).

    Disc edition is out for delivery "before 11pm". The Digital Edition is still "expected" by Hermes.

  • Well apparently he's now 1 stop away but hasn't moved, maybe he's just putting everyone's packages in a bin in that carpark.

  • One of these is not true.

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  • he's waiting for you to go over there so he can sneak around you to put the sorry you werent in card through your slot.

  • .

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  • Looks shit.

  • I'm highly disappointed by how small the box is

  • imagine the odds of bagging a ps5 today is slim.

    guaranteed every shitheel with a little spare money is going to buy to resell because of scarcity.

    What I don't get is people buying them at 2x the price on Ebay and creating the demand for these shitheels. There will be more in a few weeks.

  • Anyone got any good gamepass hidden gems? Just finished Carto which was a lovely little puzzler.

  • Think i have the same deal as you. Dispatched but not our for delivery. Tracking says 'Arriving Thursday'

    Edit: it's changed to 'out for delivery' now

  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill is great.

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Video Games

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