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  • I started playing this last week. Love it. It's tough though.

  • yeah it's tricky - I'm fully expecting the final boss to kick my ass repeatedly until I get my muscle memory back

    anyone play splatoon 2 on here ? could be up for some games just got switch online again (£13 on CDkeys)

  • soul crushing loading times

    Stops save scumming!

  • Yes

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  • Does the previous generation of Xbox controller work with the new Xbox?

  • haha!

    yeah i'm an utter fucking coward. i don't think my nerves could handle it any other way.

  • Oh no you... that looks very nice.

  • YES BRO.
    I'm over Hacks so may grab one too, have that 4K 144hz EVE monitor ordered.

  • Good man
    Would you get the RTX 3080 or 3090?

    Imagine you might benefit from all that VRAM given your line of work? ££££ though

  • Transferred all my games over and tried playing RDR2, no dice but a black screen. Sigh. Installation from scratch on the disc taking about an hour then any updates it needs. Not bad going, really...

  • Started playing dlc1: the foundation for control, pleasant return to the control game universe. Only annoyance is the new hiss enemies, who are really difficult to kill, surround you, but can avoid launched objects and can also throw pick axes at you.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if you could fight them in smaller groups, 2-3, but they appear in groups of 5-6 and it’s hella difficult to mow through them. Hate to think what they’ll be like with one of those healing orbs to restore their energy..

  • Did you try restarting the Xbox first?

    I had a few gremlins yesterday including dodgy PCM 7.1, controller connection issues and wireless headset interference, which a full shutdown, unplug, wait, plug in, completely solved.

    Today it's all gravy.

    Uncompressed 7.1 Atmos on Spider Man into the spider-verse is nuts.

  • I got fucked off with the main game at a boss fight, you probably know the one. Went away to level up at bit and improve weapons etc and thought I'd give it another go. Only to find the enemies in the boss fight had all levelled up as well.

    I don't mind a reasonable challenge, but when a hit from something you can't see coming takes away 90% of your health (which doesn't regenerate) it's taking the piss.

    Real shame cos most other aspects of the game were great.

  • Can't remember exactly, but you should have the dash and the shield ability by then? Bosses are tricky, but you just need to use all the tools available. I think the base game makes it to easy using just one or two, so you never get into the groove using all of them.

  • Dlc1 when you get on the train cart thing... Mind blowing.

    Can't wait to play the Alan wake dlc at some point soon.

  • yeah I know the one, took me ages to kill him, and I mean ages. I think what did it for me was just using all the health mods and just trying different strategies, think in the end I levitated and killed from above.
    But it's ultimately a side quest, which I don't think you had to complete to finish the game. I just enjoyed being in the world and was determined to get through it (see also the valkyries in god of war)

  • yeah haven't got that far yet, trying to do some ritual in the warehouse.
    Have the alan wake dlc as well, will roll straight into it after I finish dlc1

  • I just downloaded quantum break from game pass. No idea how it pans out but ‘feels’ like control enough to be fun right now.

  • Haven’t read all the articles on the whole remedy connected universe as they all contain spoilers about dlc2: awe. But I’m slightly jealous you get to play quantum break, as mentioned previously, was intrigued by the premise, but it never came out on ps3/4 so missed out..

  • Winning the forum race.

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  • ...

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  • Sent over from the USA or something?

  • I've got one too

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  • I live in Allstraya. Absolute unit.

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Video Games

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