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  • Small toy on the floor bottom right of the photo, 6/10

  • Can you put some holes in the sides of the cabinet or something?

  • There’s are passive holes in the bottom, the there are two large exhaust fans I’ve installed on the right hand side. They create negative pressure and draw cold air from the passive holes in.

    They’re temperature controlled so only spin up when a certain core temp is reached.

    The PS5 will be on the right hand side so should have the greatest benefit.

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  • Ooh fancy, I like it.

  • About 150GB of updates for games to do now. Chewing through them at a solid 300mbps though.

    Crumbs what are these for?

  • Was there any big downloads/updates for the initial setup?

  • I just can't get enough of that cabinet.

    I may have asked before but do you have plans for that? I'm planning something similar (albeit probably half the width) underneath my new TV (also to be decided!)

  • Borderlands 3 - 60GB
    FH4 - 75GB
    No Mans Sky - 15GB

  • 700mb day one patch which took about 5 mins to download and install and a controller update which took another two mins.

  • That is some next level gaming cabinet skills!

    In other news; private matches are now live in Warzone. I doubt there's enough of us that play it on here to get a game going but should make for some interesting competitions in the new future!

  • No plans; just made it up on the fly. It’s super basic though...

    Width is 2440 as it’s a single sheet of birch ply so essentially three rips across a whole sheet, which creates the top, bottom and front.

    Remaining sheet material cut in the sides and three internal struts to keep it rigid.

    Final waste material ripped at 45 degrees to create french cleats which are screwed to the wall and fixed in the cabinet.

    This one was all connected using pocket screws and glue but I’d probably use biscuit joints now.

    Thinking of remaking this with a few tweaks so this one might be up for sale in the not too distant future.

  • I wish nintendo online had some of the better SNES RPGs in its library - would kinda like to play earthbound / terranigma / secret of mana in handheld mode rn

    instead, think I'm going to try pick up hollow knight again. I was a decent amount of the way through and figure I'll probably be lost for a bit until I get my bearings again...

  • Nintendo's refusal to do backwards compatibility is daft considering the quality and nostalgia for their game collection.

    I would pay for Windwaker at full price in a heartbeat if they release it on Switch.

    Surely they could emulate N64 / Gamecube games without issues?? Goldeneye would sell out immediately.

  • i am always hopeful that N64 library will be added along with the NES/SNES catalogue, but seems increasingly unlikely.

  • Well there was something wrong with my address that I hadn't noticed so no delivery for me today as it failed at 13:15. Updated it on the phone now and will take one business day to update they say so looks like there's a few more days for me to wait now.

  • Booooo. Sorry to hear that.

    If it helps, there really aren't any games for you to play so a couple of days won't matter :')

  • It just seems like such an open goal.

  • On a related note, PSPs are excellent handheld emulation machines. Not sure what the second-hand market is like at the minute (wouldn't be surprised if they hit daft money soon), but I picked one up for £50 a few years back for this purpose.

  • Great! I'm planning on a smaller one, so I can keep the standing speakers either side of the cabinet but will be referencing this for future!

  • I shall celebrate with a discounted McDonalds meal

  • haha! Well I'm still looking forward to seeing FH4!

  • Haha yeah just moping about feeling sorry for myself and pretty stupid all in one for the rest of the day.

  • On another note, can anyone suggest a reasonably priced 24-27" 4k monitor? I get that 4k 120FPS isn't possible because a lack of HDMI 2.1, but it seems like when those monitors do come out they will cost an absolute fortune. Not much interest in playing on a TV again tbh

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Video Games

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