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  • Oh cheers! I'll keep an eye out.

  • One for the slightly geeky

    If you go to­nfigure/Xbox-Series-X/8WJ714N3RBTL

    Then you can go to the developer console in Chrome and remove the disabled flag on the 'Out of stock' console button. With the button now enabled then you can add it to the basket and checkout.

    Worked for me, got an order through 10mins ago, apparently to arrive on the 12th. Fingers crossed.

  • That's nuts. Managed it myself despite only ever seeing that thing after pressing F12 by accident.

    I don't want one tho'.

  • Gone for a LG OLED CX to match the imminent PS5. Thanks to whoever recommended it a few weeks back.

  • This is the correct choice. You’ll love it.

  • Boo, got an email form Amazon saying Wednesday delivery... Spose' it's only one day, musn't grumble.

  • Woke up early for 8am launch of new stock and keep refreshing 8 different pages with no luck.

    Only wake up this early for flights and tech preorders...

  • Welcome to verdansk!

    Learning the map will help a lot (though it's apparently about to change). It's easier to get more kills in quads/trios but you're less likely to win if you're playing with randoms.

    If you want to get your actual shooting technique back, land at superstore every time you can. You'll get mowed down a lot at the start but at least you don't waste loads of time running around on your own!

    Good luck!

  • All was going well.

    Got to a page where they verify your card, but got an error that my basket is empty.

    Thank you though!

  • Fantastic cheers mate. I have to pop to the tip later so may swing by Asda and see if they have any in store.

    You're really not helping me be productive at the end of this month are you?!

  • You're really not helping me be productive at the end of this month are you?!

    Depends on your definition of productive...

    @DragunovCZ1 that sucks. Fingers crossed more will be available soon.

  • Patiently waiting, apparently should be with me by 12:45. Argh.

  • mine says by 11pm :(

  • Me right now...

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  • Have you got multiplayer? A good warmup on shipment 24/7 gets your ready for sweaty starts in Superstore.
    It's been said before but solos is campy, a good workaround is playing solo in duos.

  • No all access stock. Also realised they're gonna want a credit check for me if I order it or a job for my wife if I get her to, which may mean no Xbox.

  • @Lw. @SebastianAitch no standard mp for me - just warzone. My plan atm is to play the practice with bots to get the hang of it without such a loading-time/sneaking-time overhead. Then superstore sounds like a good move cheers

  • ...

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  • Excellent. The wait is becoming unbearable for me.

  • PS5 is going to look quite upsetting in this setup

  • PS5 is going in the cabinet. Fingers crossed the thermals are ok. I’ve got some exhaust fans for it which bring the temp in line pretty quickly.

  • We've getting a puppy mid-december so we're also getting a new tv cabinet that has doors on the front to protect against any cable tugging or chewing, also it helpfully looks like I'll be able to fit the PS5 in it horizontally and it can still breath.

    Also my gf's Series S just arrived. It's tiny, I knew it was small but it's really small, I've eaten bigger sandwiches.

  • Setup done.

    About 150GB of updates for games to do now. Chewing through them at a solid 300mbps though.

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Video Games

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