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  • Also had a dispatch email earlier, still don't expect it to arrive until Tuesday.

    Also won an xsuite experience thing with Aaron Greenberg, apparently some Q&A thing. I'd normally say meh, but I'm holding out for some free/cool shit

  • Anyone want the steam link? Gonna chuck it tomorrow if not.

    They're pretty decent I thought. Pair it with an Xbox controller and PC games sorted on the TV downstairs

  • Imagine mine will be Tuesday too tbf. Email says Tuesday estimated still and when I look at the UPS tracking it says the usual about them waiting for it to get to their facility. Just relieved to have the confirmation now

  • I pre ordered a PS5 so could get a Series X past the boss despite having one in my basket on release. So I'm waiting until some time next year to get one. It helps that MS have thoughtfully lined up no good looking games until next year anyway.

  • Is it still impossible to get the Xbox on the monthly game pass deal? Never managed to make it into a game after three online orders stopped.

  • Just got shipping notification from game for my series X.

  • There is going to be a new run of ‘pre-orders’ on Tuesday across different retailers but it hasn’t been confirmed by Xbox if the All Access is going to be one of the options in there from what I’ve seen. The shops that are taking part in it might have more info though­9197313044483?s=21

  • Thanks! So annoying that MS didn't do the pass purchase thing themselves.

  • Yeah. I seem to remember them saying before the first set of pre-orders that they’d be doing it eventually but not at launch, not sure though. I’ve found this guy to be good for information and answering people’s questions about the launch and other stuff so might be worth keeping an eye on

  • Having avoided Control until I had an RTX card I've been enjoying it a lot over the last week. Looks incredible, and although it lacks the organic craft of a Naughty Dog game it has the best lighting I've ever seen.

    Despite it not being particularly challenging I had a sneaking suspicion that a stupidly difficult boss fight would annoy the fuck out of me sooner or later.

    Wasn't wrong.

  • Xbox to arrive between 9.14 and 1.14 tomorrow. Exciting.

  • After my SX was nixed my gf went and pre ordered a SS so we've got one of those arriving :(

  • Booo.

    Reviews seem positive for it but it's definitely not the same.

  • Yeah, we've got a 4k tv too so it's going to be upscaling everything. At £250 though it was basically an impulse purchase when I told her how much better than the One S she's using at the moment is.

  • It's still going to look good.

    Watch Dogs preview on The Verge showed some decent ray tracing effects and solid upscaling to 4k from 1080p30.

    The SSD will be a great quality of life upgrade too. I guess the storage space might be an issue.

  • Yeah I'm going probably to be playing Apex on her account until I get the PS5 or Series X later

  • UPS tracking hasn't got any further than the label created stage yet on mine so not sure where it's all at for now. Guessing it's still with Microsoft waiting for the pick up there and then off to a sorting office. Fingers crossed it will be delivered tomorrow still but will be constantly checking all afternoon and evening.

  • If you've got an iOS device, just get the Parcel app and create a homepage widget. It'll auto update in the background and will change status on your phone when it updates. Saves continually refreshing UPS which is shit at the best of times.

  • Done that now. Useful to know thanks.

  • No worries. Super useful app; especially in these times of so many home deliveries.

    I have it as a permanent homepage widge with two lines. It auto rearranges items based on their most recent updates so you can have loads on there and it'll surface the ones that changed most recently.

  • Now estimated between 10:15 and 14:15 tomorrow, don't know what I was stressing about.

  • Nice!

    Don't know why i'm really worried what time mine is arriving. With work and a three month old, it's going to be nothing more than a media unit trinket for the next 3-5 years minimum.

  • Week off at the end of this month and I'd love to get my hands on a series x. Probably won't find one though!

  • Rejoining the world of fps on pc on warzone. I'm bad, but really enjoying sneaking for 15 minutes then getting insta-killed when I encounter anyone.

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Video Games

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