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  • The best part is you could probably get Sean Bean on board pretty easily.

    This video has brought me a lot of joy for many years.

  • Apex Legends

    New season new map in a week.

    Hype hype

  • Sean Bean staring in a witcheresque Sharpe RPG would be fucking immense.

  • With PS5 behind doors, will be selling my PS4 Pro.

    Owned from brand new. Finished few exclusives on it, so both console and controller like new.

    Box, paperwork and cables included.

    Not sure what they going for now, but will probably match eBay/Guntree prices + little discount.

    Let me know if interested.


  • I'm trying to complete the tasks for the new character but can't seem to find the last gravity lift in Fracture West. It seems like every game now flies straight over it and half the match jumps down there.

  • msg me ifyou're going on tomorrow on whatsapp and we'll jump on and do it on duos if you dont have it by then i still need 3/4 for the last 2 challenges.

  • One more questing regarding TVs and next gen.

    If my current 4K TV is capable of 50Hz, are the games gonna run at 50FPS or will it only go up to 30FPS?

  • the games will max out at 50fps, the screen Hz is the upper limit of what it can display.

  • This is why it’s worth investing in a decent TV. What’s the point in buying a next gen console if you can’t display 4K60 which is the goal most will be aiming for, let alone any 120 FPS content?

  • I'll happily pay for next gen for games that run at a solid 4k 60fps even if only displayed at 50fps because current gen struggles at 30fps at not even a true 4k.

  • Grim Fandango on Gamepass today. Never played it before, so that's the weekend sorted...

  • What I mean is that @DragunovCZ1 is looking at buying a new TV. It’s completely pointless buying something new unless it has VRR etc.

  • Oh yeah for sure, I wouldn't spend any money on a new TV that can't do 4k 120 even if the games don't consistently hit that peak in the future. Likewise there's rumor that the PS4 will natively support 1440p so I'd wait to see if that's true.

  • :)

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  • I managed to wrangle a new TV but my budget is somewhat different than some of the ones that have been mentioned, after factoring in selling the old one, selling the current Xbox when I get new one on a contract and the £100 I had because I'm not being taxed properly and finally dumping Virgin media, just playing at 4k and with an attempt at HDR will do me fine.

  • Nice.
    Got my update from Overclockers... 430th in line. At the current rate then it'll be mid Feb 🤷🏼♂️

  • I’m getting PS5 day one not just for the improved graphical/fps performance.

    Huge saves on loading time, bigger HDD, updated remote.

    If I wouldn’t get it day one, I’d get it with new TV/monitor anyway.

  • Waiting to see if AMD have sorted their driver issues because those new cards look pretty good - will need something for when cyber punk finally comes out...

  • Rather than ask if that's 'still not out yet?!', I googled it and then read the RPS piece on the investor call. Then I lolololed.

  • It's the best marketing strategy in years.

  • Vaguely humorous anecdote that I need to relate:

    So I watched a few Watchdogs Legion gameplay videos today, including one featuring a guy driving madly round Brixton (he crashed into the Satay Bar on Coldharbour Lane). Impressed how accurate the map is, I expected it'd be all scaled-down and mostly generic buildings with a few landmarks.

    So I was in Brixton this evening and it was all a bit hectic as usual - terrible traffic, police and ambulances trying to get through, Deliveroo scooters riding against the traffic.

    I was literally explaining the game to my partner, and the oddness of being in the real-world location I'd seen in a game, while walking across the crossing from KFC to McDs... when a police car heading south behind me decided to do a U-turn through the crossing. Not on the junction, but right through the pedestrian crossing as it goes across the central reservation.

    Which I didn't notice at all until they put their siren on when they were about a metre behind me, resulting in me doing an uncannily accurate 'NPC near-miss reaction animation'.

  • I've only just got past the prologue but initial impressions is that the map isn't accurate, which is pretty much what I expected. Locations are broadly in the right place relative to each other but other than that it's a typical caricature.

  • This looks excellent, like if Red Faction was a puzzle game:­Iww

  • New video leak shows booting up new Spider Man in 7sec and loading a save file in 2sec.


    Also everyone is hyping the haptic controller. Counting days!

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Video Games

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