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  • In that case the Game Pass on xbox will probably be best because you get access to loads of games for not much money per month.

    Worth noting it'll be near impossible to get an Xbox Series S/X or Playstation 5 now until maybe Xmas because the pre-orders sold out in minutes everywhere. The Xbox Series come out Nov 10th and PS5 Nov 19th

  • @Sumo thanks for the info

  • Ancient joystick and keyboard - playing on a laptop and I've never got on with controllers. Feels like a pretty good combination.

  • I bet. I don't have the hardware for VR sadly. Ancient joystick is working ok for me. It has a crap throttle so I'm using it with keyboard for that and rolling. Feels ok.

  • I couldn't get on with yaw being on the stick's x-axis. Feel much happier piloting a 'space plane' with roll on the stick and yaw secondary.

    It really is awesome in VR.

  • TLDR:
    In need of new gaming monitor for next gen consoles.
    Preferably not bigger than 40”.
    Will only be used for console gaming (no movies, streaming, doesn’t have to have speakers, won’t be doing any photo/video editing or work).

    Long version:
    Ok, I’ve seen some people in the thread that really understand TV/Monitors.

    As I’ve got PS5 preordered (and now thinking of getting Xbox Series X too), I’ve started looking at monitors/tv’s that will go nicely with next gen and years on.

    I bought Xbox One X about 2 years ago and with that brand new Samsung 40” 4K TV (UE40NU7120). Cost me £240 and at that time thought it’s good enough, but with time I’ve realized it’s really basic.

    As I’m not upgrading to new iPhone this year (again) I have some spare cash which I don’t mind investing into new TV/Monitor.

    I mainly care about image quality.
    Don’t really stream or watch anything on TV, mainly game with headphones.

    As I have the TV in my room (which is reasonably big, but not huge), I’d rather not go with 55” (hence I went with 40” which is pretty much perfect), but I’m aware that top spec TV’s gone in big big sizes.

    Orher option would be gaming monitor.
    I only do (and probably always will) console gaming.

    What’s peoples opinion on the upcoming Eve Spectrum monitor?

    Apologies for long post, but just wanted to make sure I include as much info to get the best option.

    Thanks so much!

  • Monitors are lagging a bit behind TVs at the moment for what you'll want with next gen consoles mostly due to needing HDMI 2.1 for 120fps and most monitors only reaching that through displayport.
    You could go for a 1440p 144hz monitor as that seems the sweetspot for getting max fps fro the resolution however it's unknown if the consoles and even the games will support 1440 directly or just scale up from it for 4k.

    Unfortunately from what I've seen the TVs start getting really good at 55'' like the LG C9, Samsung Samsung Q70T - Q90T, Sony X9000H.

    If you aim for something 4k with hdmi 2.1 you should be good.

    If you're set on a monitor under 40'' this is what I was considering­-ag32cq-32-2560x1440-va-freesync-144hz-1­ms-curved-led-backlit-widescreen-gaming-­monitor-mo-00n-ms.html

  • When I was looking at 40" TVs this was the best I could find without spending silly money (considerably over a grand).­HX800BZ-Multi-Vision-Freeview/dp/B0883S7­T6D

    I actually got the previous year's model (GX800) as it was on sale for ~ £400 and basically the same apart from the smart TV stuff which I don't use. Not used it for much gaming but picture quality seems very good, particularly with 4k stuff.

    There's not much out there in 40" was what I found.

  • This is actually pretty perfect, but currently at around £1500...

    If this would be around £1000-£1200 mark, I probably wouldn’t really hesitate.

    Thanks for input @Sumo and @aggi

    If I’m thinking about upgrading to something quite high end it should have 2.1 HDMI and high refresh rate (and probably OLED).

  • Also would it be better idea to maybe wait few weeks/months after the consoles actually release?

    As Sumo said, it’s currently unknown if the monitors will be upscaling or not.

    Maybe companies will come up with better next gen hardware?

  • It’s really the only choice in the size range (ish) with those features.

    Worth pointing out that the 55” CX is actually slightly cheaper at the moment...

    If you’re lucky, it might be slightly cheaper towards Black Friday but seems unlikely.

  • More TVs will definitely come out with hdmi 2.1 and if we're lucky they may even advertise the fact they do too rather than hiding it like now.

  • There was something weird with the HDMI 2.1 being offically published/supported. I know it was ratified ages ago, but a lot of HDMI 2.0 devices can be upgraded with just firmware

    My amp (Yamaha RX-V6a brand new this month) has HDMI 2.0 published, but firmware update in Dec will bring offical 2.1

  • Thanks for help everyone.

    I’ll wait with the purchase for now and see what happens after release of the consoles.

  • Anyone been playing the zombie royale? It's carnage!

  • I've ordered an EVE, will let ya know how it goes!

  • Sounds fun... what game though? Sorry if I missed something...

  • I was just about to ask about that one again.

    I’m really looking into the 4k, 144hz.

    I might just place a preorder and wait for some reviews.

  • Warzone. Had a couple of games last night with randoms. Even solo it's pretty good fun with the resurrection but from halfway through the game it's really hectic.

  • Oh awesome, I'm a bit out the loop, is it just a mode? Saw the trailer a few pages back and it looked fun...

    @DragunovCZ1 yep, thats the one I'm getting, cant do sub 4k... its meant to arrive Dec but it won't, so it'll be Jan, I'll let you know!

  • Yeah, for halloween. I think they should keep it in the cycle as a periodic game mode as it's a new element that introduces some chaos

  • Just got an email from Eve, its Feb, not jan... ffs...

  • went back to THPS 1+2 to occupy brain/stave off the real world today. Did all plat scores and all gaps. christ but I hate Skate Heaven.

    Gonna try the make-it's next, as the speed run times are unfathomable to me, except hangar, which I've done by accident...

  • Oooh ive been considering this. Have you seen any strong hands on reviews or anything? I just don't yet have enough comfort to be confident it'll be as banging as the website and price level suggest.

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Video Games

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