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  • Does anyone know if theres an open beta for the new COD?

  • think I'll pick up obra dinn on switch - at 50% in latest offers

  • It's very good. It's been so long since I first played I may have forgotten enough to warrant another playthrough.

    On Switch news, got an email saying Burnout Paradise has had a 30% discount, now around £35. For a 12 year old game that's less that £10 on other platforms...

    Also, not being able to play a Spelunky game on Switch is a tad ridiculous!

  • feel like burnout paradise really should have launched at around £15 on switch - wonder what sales have been like. it is a masterpiece though, imo

    and agreed on spelunky. hopefully the sequel will come in time... though I could stand to put more time into the first one (which I only put about 10/15 hours into on PS4).

  • Oh yeah I'll definitely pick it up when it gets down to around £15 or so. Seems pretty unprecendted at that price. For comparison I got Bioshock 1/2/Infinite for less than the cost of Burnout.

    Thankfully my trusty Vita has come to the rescue regarding handheld Spelunky, can't imagine it not getting a Switch port but it's odd that there's no mention of a release date for Switch/XBox. Fairly sure Spelunky 2 was made in GameMaker Studio 2, which has out of the box Switch & XBox platform support.

  • I'm pretty sure there's a cross platform multiplayer open beta this weekend

  • @user55129 @spenceey For people who pre-ordered it's already live. Pretty decent online play but some of the maps (like Armada) are huge

  • For a 12 year old game that's less that £10 on other platforms...

    Always here for a Switch grumble.
    Pikmin 3: 2013 game, £50, crap framerate and resolution, no online co-op

  • @user55129 @atz thanks guys, just saw its not available for download until tomorrow AM.

    Doesn't seem to be getting much love at the moment though.

  • PS4 open beta is open now, xbox & PC starts tomorrow (preorders are live now).

    I'm going to have a blast later but from the little of the Alpha I played then watching a few streams it looks awful.

    Hopefully Warzone keeps the MW mechanics but is just skinned to look like Cold War with a new map, rather than completely moving over to Cold War.

  • Also sorted the Brazil Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate in preperation for next month. Planned to play through the Age of Empires 2 campaign on my Surface as didn't expect many other available PC games to run well and it's a childhood favourite of mine. Have instead got addicted to My Time At Portia which I've never heard of but am enjoying massively.

  • Don't get me wrong I love the Switch (not as much as my Vita, but still), but yeah, some glaring issues there. To be honest I'm happy writing off the extortionate price of Paradise as a typical EA move, but with Pikmin there's no such excuse. I don't have much experience with Nintendo's porting capability beyond knowing that the 3DS version of MGS3 runs steadily between 15-20fps. And they released it like that... #vitaMasterRace

    Also, a Steam-esque limited time refund policy wouldn't go amiss. Spent £40 or so for Mario Odyssey to see what all the fuss was about and found it incredibly dull. If I had to choose between Odyssey on the Switch or the PS1 versions of the Spyro trilogy on the Vita, I'd be choosing the later hands down.

  • I do love Burnout Paradise, I have it on PS3 and PS4.
    I might pick up the Switch version one day.
    The price is off-putting, but I don't think i paid for either PlayStation versions, PS3 edition was gifted after the 2011 debacle, and I'm fairly sure the PS4 one was a PS Plus game.

    Maybe i should throw a few Sheckles towards EA/ Bioware/ Criterion/ whoever it is these days...

  • In honesty it's not MW or Warzone but it's pretty entertaining. It feels like one of the older games and it's pretty quick but it's enjoyable.

  • This looks fun - not fussed about the zombies (though do appreciate it's following the trends set by Fortnite & Apex Legends) but night-mode battle royal should be good!­WjQ&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=CallofD­uty

  • Well that looks awesome!

  • It's certainly a good trailer, don't think I've seen them put that much effort into a CoD trailer before!

    Looking forward to having a go when it goes live!

  • Star Wars Squadrons is kinda fun - imagine it would be a mind f**k on VR though.

  • This looks amazing.

  • Hardly ever play warzone but that I will have a go at!

  • Are you using a controller or a joystick? Be interested to know how much difference it makes

  • It's great in VR, really feel like you're in the cockpit. I do wish I had a HOTAS, my ancient joystick w/ throttle died and I've been stuck using an xbox controller (not bad, but not as good as a proper stick).

  • I’m making my first tentative steps back into gaming. I know this is a contentious issue but what are the pro’s and cons of XBox vs PS5? I don’t have space for a PC.

  • It mostly comes down to any friends you have that already use one of them and if there's any exclusives you really want to play on either.

  • None of my friends are online. I have no idea what games are exclusive to each console. I last console I owned was a Super Nintendo!

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Video Games

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