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  • Xbox One X is tempting...

  • It’s yours if you want it.

    Will be pinging it on eBay tomorrow evening if no takers. £1 selling fees this weekend...

  • I’ve got the Sony Gold ones built for the PS4 with virtual surround.
    Works better in some games than others. Great in adventure, RPG types.
    Works well in Fortnite, not as well in COD where it’s faster moving

  • Cheers. I'm mainly thinking of it for films/tv but there seems to be very little info out there.

  • Can an xbox one have more than one external ssd?

    I am almost at full capacity on a 4tb and just wondered if i could simply add another? And if not, what's the performance drop moving to a standard 8tb HDD?

  • Saw this and now thinking of trying to get one for Mrs EB for Christmas. Are there any UK stockists? My Google Fu is weak

    Edit. Looks like it's order from website just now

  • Yes. I had an ssd and a normal usb hdd plugged in for ages.

  • Great! Cheers dude!

  • what is the website?
    (haven't clicked on the video, so apologies if it is in there)

  • Cheers buddy!

  • Remember when C&VG had an article on a Japanese arcade that had cameras on rc cars on a track so you could race them. Wanted to go to Tokyo arcades so badly after reading that.
    If I was a kid now I wouldn’t have to, could set it up in my own home­ct/14/nintendo-switch-mario-kart-live-sw­itch

  • That's pretty sick, may convince me to get a switch

  • Yeah that's fairly cool. I wonder how long you'd get out of it though. I definitely don't have enough clear floor space to give it give it justice either. I'd love a custom mario kart 8 track designer or browser, there's some good ones on the jailbroken wiis

  • Did the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate hack this morning, stacked up till October 2023 for £100. Seems absolutely mental that they can't/don't do much about it...

  • They don't want to. They're happy that you're locked into their ecosystem for the next three years.

    That means you'll likely buy a next gen xbox, you'd probably buy a few games if they're not on gamepass, you might buy an accessory or two. You'll also probably be more likely to stick with Xbox for the gen after this because all your friends are there.

    Seems like a good deal for Microsoft to me.

  • I mean, for me personally I never usually buy games at release; accessory wise already have two controllers that work fine, so no need there either.

    That being said, even at £10.99 a month, it's half decent value

  • Does the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also do the online streaming from MS's servers (i.e. no powered on Xbox required)? I've seen mention of it but the info is scattered all over the shop.

  • Did mine too after reading in this thread, don't mind at all that I'm locked in for the next 3 years. Like yourself I hardly buy many games, let alone at release so there should be enough on here to keep me occupied for a while...

  • Does the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also do the online streaming from MS's servers (i.e. no powered on Xbox required)? I've seen mention of it but the info is scattered all over the shop.



  • Started playing Forza 7 today due to Gamepass. Quite enjoyable but really just killing time until the Cold War beta unlocks itself later

  • That's the one cheers. I was finding stuff about xcloud which was the old thing.

  • Our lab has been absolute chaos over the years due to Smash Bros, MK and Worms, I think this would be the thing that would tip us over the edge and result in stern words from the higher-ups. Gutted I'll never see it cos covid.

  • Airplane mode - What seems to be a joke now turns out to be essential for housebound workers feeling locked-in. Can't wait to re-live the glory of flying again. Hopefully they'll do a Ryanair add-on.

    Cheesy Trailer:­K3E

  • Did the 3 year Brazil Xbox live to ultimate thing, very easy.

    Don't actually have an xbox set up at the moment but had a play on the cloud streaming thing (once I worked out which of the half dozen Xbox apps you need to access it) and seemed to work pretty well.

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Video Games

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