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  • I've bought them and redeemed and paid the £1 for ultimate btw.

  • Your choice. Ultimate will start billing when your cards have run out but you should see when this is from your account page, it'll have a date when the next payment will be taken.

  • So I have ultimate now with the gamepass thing? If so awesome.

  • Despite wasting 20 hours on No Man's Sky's initial release I thought it might be worth a second look.

    Wasted 2 more hours.

  • Just managed to get a disc version PS5 preorder at Amazon.

    Anyone want my digital edition pre order from ebuyer? @greenhell

  • edit: i'm good mate, thanks anyway!

  • No worries.

    If you’re quick, digital edition launch days just went up on Amazon...

  • yeah i'm in.

    sadly it was your tagging me in that post that made me go look.

  • Wasted 2 more hours.

    Not keen? I've always fancied it but never taken the plunge

  • i'm about 15 hours in and loving it

  • It's fun if you like a sandbox game with no real goal. Kinda like Minecraft.

  • I might give the new update another try and see if I can get over my irrational hatred of its inventory system.

  • There is a storyline and quests etc you can follow - but you can pretty much choose to ignore it all aswell

  • This happened sooner than expected:

    No MG2 or MGS3 though. Will likely just stick with my Vita setup of HD Collection (MGS3 includes both MG1 & 2) + PS1 MGS port.

  • The screenshots look super yikes.

  • I was thinking of preordering the new StarWars game but unlike CoD Black Ops it doesn’t specifically mention you can get both versions (Xbox one and next-gen Xbox) for the same purchase. Seems odd to do preorders for a game without it.

  • Still willing to try and get into No Man's Sky, I've spent most of today with it. If anything, some of the changes since launch have made it even worse, but maybe to the extent that my expectations have been lowered so much

    The base building for example, which wasn't in the initial release but has been shoe-horned into the story missions for no apparent reason whatsoever. I've just had to build some science stations and hire staff for a reason which completely escapes me.

    Take this task list from the mission I'm currently on:

    Install Apollo's Personal Forcefield
    Collect Nanites to buy Technology Upgrades
    Visit a multitool technology trader in a Vy'keen system
    Return to space and contact Apollo

    I've had a personal forcefield for ages, apparently identical to Apollo's (which I was just given). I followed the next waypoint to a nearby planet to collect the nanites. Didn't find any, but it directed me back to the space station where the technology trader was anyway. Visited said trader but couldn't upgrade anything because I didn't have any nanites. Still get prompted to return to space and contact Apollo.

    That's pretty typical rather than the exception. There's no exposition whatsoever, the only clue you have about what to do is following your current goal.

    This is in addition to all the stuff that was shit the first time round, such as the utter homogeneity of the universe and the awful writing and dialog. I obviously have issues with the graphical style as well, but will concede at least that is subjective.

    And yet I still want to know where it's going. Fuck you, Sean Murray.

  • I forgot to mention that No Man's Sky's 'space' is completely full of rocks. You can't move for the fucking things.

    That's because if you make a game where you can run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, you need to arbitrarily fire lasers into space rocks to get some more. Makes perfect sense.

  • Luckily you can pulse drive straight through the enormous asteroid fields that spawn in low orbit around every planet. Conversely the rings around ringed planets are apparently two-dimensional space rainbows.

    Yeah, I started a new save to see if the update improved anything. I do not think that slow text dialogs consisting 50% of the word "krzzt" are an interesting way to hint at a mysterious backstory. The number 16 is not a plausible encrypted message. I'm still spending a lot of time emptying sand out of my pockets and ferrying shitnacks back to the station when my inventory fills up.

    Oh, and if you need nanites, don't forget to check every bin and plant pot in the station!

  • Looks like I've got a second disc PS5 arriving on release day. If anyone I know missed the pre-orders and wants one gimme a shout and I'll sell one at cost.

  • 👀...🤔

  • Think it was @spenceey looking for gaming TVs?

    The 55 inch LG CX OLED is £300 off at JL, Currys & Amazon today...

    You get a free pair of wireless headphones at JL & Currys too.



    Now thats sorely tempting!!!

  • Bargain at that price....

  • Started Death Stranding. Not 100% sure what's happening....

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Video Games

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