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  • How did I miss this btw? Obvs nothing to show yet but interesting:­iG4


  • What even is this?

  • According to our mutual friend, Choco, it's Brendan Greene's take on DayZ

  • We'd not had wins for a very long time, mostly due to us all having cut back a lot and our SBMM still being pretty high.
    Cue Friday night at 2am our team mate got sent to gulag 10 seconds before closing. He got out and picked up a most wanted inside the airport hid in a cupboard with a shotgun and claymore and then crawled out past busses, and over bridge to the carpark. No attempts made on his life despite 30 alive and footsteps everywhere.
    He got killed three seconds after contract completion, we hovered in the air then dropped in circle 8, assassinated one guy and killed his team mate.
    Such a fucking fluke.

  • So pumped for PS5.

    Such a good pricing, especially on the digital only edition.

    Was torn what console to upgrade first (currently got Xbox One X and PS4 Pro) and most probably will uprade to PS5 day one and possibly upgrade to Xbox Series X at some point if exclusives will be good enough.

    Maybe even transfer completly to PS as I’ve been using Xbox One basically just for online gaming, but would be hard to give up all my digital stuff and about almost 128.000G (lol).

  • Final Fantasy 16 looks sick too

  • uprade to PS5 day one and possibly upgrade to Xbox Series X at some point if exclusives will be good enough.

    I'm basically planning the same. I prefer the Xbox for multiplayer games so I'll get it when there's an actual reason to upgrade from the One.

  • Exactly, Xbox one X is still pretty powerfull (in my eyes kind off between the 2 new Xboxes).

    For past 3-3.5years, Xbox was usued just for PUBG and Apex (occasionally something from Game Pass).

  • Gone ahead and paid my deposit for a PS5 this morning. Couldn't resist.

  • Yeah, setting alarm getting the preorder.

    Not 100% sure if disc or digital...

    I have my account paired with my friend, so whatever he buys I get and some games we split 50/50 (usually already discounted games).

    But I still like to have disc option for reselling games.

    I did it with Last of Us 2. Got the game, finished in about 10 days and sold. Lost only about £7.

    So yeah, probably disc version.

  • Went for the disc version. Want to be able to buy games a month after they've come out for $20-30 less on fb marketplace rather than spending full whack on PS Store and never getting any re-sale.

  • Digital for me. I'll be continuing with the same strategy I've adopted for PS4: wait 4-6 months and grab games at £10-15 in the frequent sales.

  • I'm torn between the choice of disc or digital.
    Tempted to go digital, sign up for PS Now and EA Play, coupled with the PS+ archive collection, should see me right for a while.

  • My disc drive on my PS4 broke years ago and I've been digital ever since, only play a few select games so not too much bother but definitely miss popping into cex and finding a cheapo game that I wasn't crazy about but is worth it for 8 quid or somesuch

  • Got me a ps5 on pre order, luckily the amazon listing went live at 9:05 cos I forgot about the midnight ones.

  • Think I've decided I'm going to go with the Series X, if only because I can play the current games I have on disc and not having to fanny about with two consoles on my desk. Kind of a shame, because I love the size of the S

  • I joined the pre-pre order list on ShopTo ages ago which should have given me priority access to the pre order list but I can't find the email now and I don't know if they're actually honouring it.

  • Was tempted by the PS5 DE just to cover off all the exclusives i haven't played this gen but Sony have just announced 1st party games this gen will be £70.

    Now you know how they can deliver that price differential.

    Game Pass here we come.

  • No need for xbox because PC. PS5 I'll be keeping an eye on the launch titles but don't think I'll be in any rush to pick one up before xmas.

  • had a shopto preorder but cancelled it - think I'll nab a xbox series S (with game pass) instead and wait until they revise the (gopping) PS5 design

  • "super mario 3D all stars" sounds so depressing. can only think resource constraints due to the pandemic hampered ninty's ability to give the package the treatment it deserved...

    on the other hand, still considering buying it so who is the mug here...

  • I pre-ordered the physical version so at least I can sell it when I realise it's complete shit.

  • Do you think the revisions ever look any better though? Sony generally just keep the same shape but make them smaller don't they?

    Unless they bring something out with a multiplayer that seriously changes the gaming landscape, I'll probably be holding off on the next generation until maybe next christmas - see what the lay of the land is looking like then (though I've always been playstation since they came out so probably won't be changing to xbox).

  • I'm not holding my breath but at least PS1, PS2 and PS3 revisions were a lot nicer/smaller than the originals... I guess over time the tech will mature and so the size can hopefully come down. when I see the PS5 next to the series S, it reminds me of...

  • super mario 3D all stars

    if it was just Galaxy and Galaxy 2 I'd be all over it.

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Video Games

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