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  • 8 fucking hours yesterday! fuck.

  • This game does it for me.

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  • Oops...

    Collectible card games + rogue likes = no sleep.

    Also very much enjoyed Meteorfall: Journeys

  • furthest I got was to a boss just before the top of act 3 (giant head) got him to around 100 health from 450 and his randomly changing damage intent switched from 2x10 to 45 on my last card of a turn where i had a hand of mostly attack cards and he just obliterated me.

  • Tsushima?

    I'm tempted

  • The game is super cruel, experience helps a lot.
    Prioritise defense, protect your health and keep your deck size fairly small and efficient.

  • I did it. Got 20 kill badge on Banglore tonight.

    Highlight was clutching 1v1 fight with enemy Wraith that had purple shield and full health (200hp) and me at 35hp.

    Huge support and great callouts from my teammates.

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  • No 4k dmg badge? git gud scrub.

    congrats. 20 kills just seems insurmountable as a solo player.

    This is basically one of the top achievements in the game if anyone else is unsure of the significance and why he's posting it.

  • Thank you, thank you! :)

    I have 20 badge on Lifeline too from around Season 2.

    20 kill badge is obviously super hard and requires huge amount of skill and LUCK (getting the early drop kills, whole lobby not dying withing first ring, team mates not “stealing” you kills, etc...), but still haven’t managed to get 4k damage on any character which is crazy.
    I have quite a few 3k damage badges, but 4k is another dream :)

  • As mentioned here by @duncs last month, Total War: TROY is released today and is free for 24 hours on Epic Games to keep. Will I ever get round to playing it? Who knows, but I own it now along with a large number of other games Epic have been giving out for free regularly.

  • Time for a come back?

    that gun is madness.

  • Coming up to end of God of War. Is Death Stranding worth getting? Heard it's a bit of a run around doing nothing sort of thing?

  • Reveal of the first 15mins of gameplay for the new control dlc.
    Really enjoyed the Finnish accents, kept thinking it was ahti describing stuff..

  • Picked up Dishonored part the deux for pennies. it's punishingly hard and consists mostly of try tactic a - fail, loadsave, try tactic b rinse repeat.

    still fun, i spose.

  • I picked up Dishonored 2 recently, but haven't had time to play it much.
    (Or I have time and play Just Cause 3 instead)

    Pre-ordered THPS 1+2 remastered.
    I am all the hype. 3 weeks time it's all I'll be doing.

  • It’s fun until you realise you’re completely shit compared to this guy:

  • fuck that guy straight in the ear!

    i do take issue with games that reward you narratively for not killing anyone when often that is the only option. i mean, it's fine - there's plenty of youtube vids that give you all the alternate endings, but i'd rather not.

    yes i am shit at the tv games.

  • Holy shit that was cool.

  • also - steampunk can fuck off forever.

  • His whole channel is basically full of that stuff. Ruins games for me because I know I’ll never get close to being that good.

  • That level took me fucking ages.
    It also made me want to replay it as Dad.

  • Dishonored 1 was more fun for screwing around but I love them both. It's worth doing a serious play through where you try to not kill people and work out the perfect route to places and then do a max carnage play through

  • I loved Dishonoured 1 but I heard 2 wasnt up to much. This makes me want to try it.

  • I enjoyed doing a mixed play too, kill every soul you can find, but no one see anyone die from their perspective people just vanaish, you dispose or hide all the bodies. I had a lot of bodies hidden in the celings....

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Video Games

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