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  • it's not too bad, just parry everything. Make a b-line for the Deflection upgrades and get the perfect parry one asap.

  • Looking forward to playing that - flight sim that is!

  • so I thought that at the start, and lowered difficulty to get the hang of it. Now I should raise it again as I kinda can storm most places (I am I think mid-way through the game)

  • Borderlands 2 and more Borderlands 2. Farming, grinding and repeated play throughs with different characters and play styles. Never seem to get round to playing any other game these days.

  • I’m hopelessly addicted to Slay the Spire, please send help

  • Looks amazing. But really lacking in some environmental noise, people walking around, cars, other skaters etc. SkaterXL missing the same boat.

  • I can understand the lack of people/cars. It's easy enough in THPS where the physics/gameplay is ridiculous so cars that stop/corner on the spot and are made of 6 grindable edges.

    People expect realistic behaviour in a realistic game and I can see realistic car/people AI being a huge time sink for the devs (who are both very small teams, less than 10 people each I think).

    To be fair it seems to common criticism, but I'd wager janky cars or humans that don't react to being hit by a skateboard or that are always getting in your way would be a much more prominent one.

  • Fall Guys seems excellent fun. Hope they can sort out their server issues- although they seemed to just be a case of underestimated demand

  • Also it's most skaters dream to have an empty city as their playground. See a lot of the recent lockdown era vids

  • Wolfenstein New Colossus now under £10 on Steam. Finally.

  • Yeah my mate is hyping this bigly. Is it an easy play? I love Fallout and Elder Scroll but I've learnt recently that the experiences I enjoy the most are ones where you don't have to stress too hard about where to go and what to level up. The Resident Evil remasters are good for this, as are the Last of Us games. We thought we wanted to define our own games but it turns out we just want to play a sort of interactive film, precious.

  • You and me both mate

  • Speaking of which, LOOOVING TLoU2, definitely going to replay the first one after this, every 1 or 2 hour session is another hard hitting episode of that essential boxset everyone's watching.

    My only complaint is that I love using a bow and arrow or the silencer and there isn't enough stuff lying around for me to make arrows or silencers! So I'm forced to sneak kill and I'd rather do it from a distance!

  • Yeah I'd say it's easy to play, there's some main storyline missions and a whole load of side missions, it doesn't really matter which you do when because you can't go on to the next area until you've done the main mission ones anyway. The combat is much deeper than something like Ass's Creed but in a good way, you have to swap stances to take on different enemies and there's loads of different tools and weapons. Even right at the end I was having fun with it.

  • My satisfying win in Apex from tonight.

    Even more satisfying was message from random asking me if I’m on mouse and keyboard.
    Replies with picture of my controller.

    Very very enjoying duos at the moment. Only started playing those this week and it’s super fun.

    Very excited for Season 6 just around corner.
    Definitely one of the best multiplayer games I’ve played (together with first two Gears of War, Modern Warfare 1 + 2 and Overwatch).

    Had to share on Reddit as file’s too large.
    Click if you care:­ments/i4hsx0/satisfying_win_followed_by_­message_from_random/?utm_source=share&ut­m_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  • Fall Guys is great fun for pick up and play.
    Only put an hour or so in, over a few mini sessions, and having a blast.
    Not managed to win yet (only got to the last round once so far) but it's not all about the W

  • Got one lucky win last night where only 3 people qualified for the 4th round, and the round it picked made it an easy win for me. Also got to within touching distance of the crown in round 5.

    Definitely a fun game right now, hopefully it will keep going strong

  • #teamr99prowler

    Nice use of Bang's smokes to retreat and heal, luckily there were no digi threats around :), also nice job not letting the enemy bang ult distract you and using it for cover from the other team, so many people scatter from it but it's not that powerful.

    Inspired me to upload one of my recent wins. After I finished battlepass and got to plat IV I switched back to my bloodhound main for a bit.­fMk

    I messed up initially as I thought the ring was going to be smaller so I was preparing for a blitz in the open downlow. but I'm pretty pleased with my 5 D's of dodgeball against 2 of the enemies shooting at me. playing solo queue there was a bit of a disconnect with when my teammates pushed and I was certain I'd screwed the pooch especially after missing my first clip in the 1v3 but I took height then used the ledge to rotate and was lucky they were all cracked and didnt think to hide and shield up. I bet they were all well pissed off.

    season 6 can't come quick enough now. game is so much more fun when you're unlocking things other than just basic rank. the ltm next week sounds a bit rubbish but then I did end up enjoying armed and dangerous (though that might have been more about the event challenges which i'm not sure we'll have this time).

  • That’s a good clutch!

    Yep, mistake on their side not armor swapping or healing properly :)

    Had crazy game where I almost hit 20 kills.
    Landed at busy spot and killed 7 players within seconds. Realised it would be good oportunity to rush everything to try and get 20 kill badge.
    All was going very well, but my brother on my team stole some kills by accident so missed on few.
    My aim was absolutely on point and was melting most of people with one clip.

    Very sad!

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  • gah so close.

    the best kill streak for me is 9 and have just one 2k badge. I'm always the guy on my team with the same amount of damage as everyone on my team but a third of the number of kills. need to get better at letting others hit them first as my KDR is tanked because of it. also improving aim to get more 1 clip kills by not missing bullets.

    I'm also the person that the 3-stacks choose to focus fire first, every. single. time so I tend to crack a shield or two then get lasered and my teammates get the knocks and pick me back up. kills should definitely be awarded by damage dealt rather than last to hit them.

  • I’m hopelessly addicted to Slay the Spire, please send help

    my friend is always going on about this and I love deckbuilding board games so just picked it up.

    I'm blaming you if i lose my life to it.

  • Fall Guys is stupidly fun

  • I will sacrifice your soul to on the random number generation altar if it means I have a clean run next time...

  • Control 2nd dlc announcement

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Video Games

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