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  • So a week in to Ghost Of Tsushima, it's really great. High recommended. It's like what assassin's creed wishes it was.

  • That brings back some memories.

  • Also in the memories bank, there's a new IGI in the works:­XX0

  • Loved IGI!!!

  • PlayStation store has some good games super reduced until August.
    Complete games for under £15. Metal gear v for about £6, wondering if it’s worth getting digital versions of the ones I’ve already got? Would free up some shelf space..

  • Ok I'm quite in to Assassin's Creed Black Flag now...

  • Found TLOU2 as satisfying as it was affecting, gameplay wasn't the best thing ever, but everything was driven by a great story. A real masterpiece.

    Now onto Tsushima to slash my way through the rest of this generation.

  • Its really good but got very samey for me.

  • Yeah I can imagine it won't have a huge amount of longevity!

  • It's an asscreed game, which are the Wetherspoons of TV games.

  • I'm just about done on a second play through. The level of details and cross-references to the two main timelines is really good. Definitely worth going again IMO

  • It wasn't expensive and I imagine I'll get a few hours of swashbuckling parkour fun out of it!

  • Anyone else playing Carrion? The actual gameplay of slithering around and chowing down on luckless humans is fun but I wish there was some sort of map available. It's hard to tell one generic facility apart from another, and I know I missed optional upgrades because the idea of going all the way back once I had the necessary abilities to get them and then getting lost felt exhausting. They actually have an echolocation mechanic but it only guides you towards save points (and later towards corpses you forgot to eat) so I wish you could temporarily ping a rudimentary map to get your bearings.
    I remember when I first started Hollow Knight I really hated the idea of not having a map and only started getting into it once I'd found the NPC who sells them, so maybe my problem is just with metroidvanias in general?

  • Also map issue got me

  • I played the teaser level, and loved it, but I can't see playing past that as being massively fun, so I'll wait on a price drop/bundle with it it at this point.

  • Was going to sell, but maybe ill hold onto it for another playthrough in a few months then.

  • I played a few levels and it was OK, but it reminded me a bit of Sea Salt - I really liked the scene-setting and all that, but it felt like I was just sort of mashing controls for gameplay rather than actually being properly involved in it.

  • Skater XL, slipped by me (previously too hyped for THPS remastered)
    Probably not going to buy on launch but reckon I'll pick it up at the first hint of a price drop
    (Or get it now and trade it when Tony Hawks drops)

  • What platforms have you got? I recommend checking out Session if you're on XBox/PC. Got both and found SkaterXL to be very floaty, and the level selection so far is quite limited (there's extensive community made maps but I'm not sure if they'll be accessible via console and there's a lot of chaff). Can't imagine Session will be coming to Switch so will likely pick up SkaterXL for that when it comes out.­FTc

  • Getting further in you have a bit more puzzling where you can't make it through certain areas unless you shed some of your mass/flood the area with water/become invisible so it's not just busting into a room and snatching up humans as fast as possible. I've seen reviewers say you can breeze through in 5 hours if you ignore all the optional backtracking so it might be worth waiting for a sale if you're looking for something a bit longer.

  • cuphead available on ps4

  • yessssssssss been waiting for this day

    edit: they got me on the checkout with a suggestion of Ghost of Tsushima so now I have a lot ahead of me once I've finished hardmode ff7

  • Ubisoft has made me... soft.

    Died more times in the first hour of Ghost of Tsushima than I have in an entire playthrough of Division 2. Even on medium difficulty, this definitely isn't something you can casually hack and slash your way through.

  • In complete contrast to looking forward to dicking about in Watch Dogs' future London, I'm also looking forward to dicking about over present London. And everywhere else...­dGM

    ...except Lewisham, obviously.

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Video Games

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