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  • Bought Satisfactory exactly a week ago today and I already have 50 hours... Someone send help.

  • Hey, don't suppose you have another invite link for this? It seems to have expired.


  • if it's the one i'm in this is the link...

  • Anyone into incremental games?

    Fell back into Cookie Clicker last week after a video from People Make Games and now i can't stop playing it.

  • TW
    Any recommendations for headsets for an Xbox1?

    Chris King.


  • @Sumo

    What you playing team games at the moment dude?

    I would like something / someone to play casually with who doesnt mind a sweary south african on the other end... (waiting for Ciq to pipe up)

  • a sweary south african

    Are there other kinds?

  • No... Not that i can think of.

    Its just a disclaimer.

  • you're on xbox arent you?

  • yup. y?

  • my xbox died or i'd have suggested some games. but i'm ps4 exclusively now

    get CoD warzone installed though cos it's crossplay so can play on all platforms together.

  • being console, im not a fan of cross play as PCs will dominate you. not that it matters as everyone and everything will dominate me at the moment.

  • my xbox died

    Why i didnt ask you. Soz Cuz.

  • Mostly Apex Legends right now, sometimes some COD, it's very ad hoc though and I can't really play in the evenings because a shared TV.

  • So I bought Total War: Warhammer 2 in the steam sale. I suck at Total War games and they're a massive time sink but screw it. I've been playing here and there the last week on campaign using the character they set as "easy" difficulty, one of the High Elves. To win the campaign you have to generate stuff from your cities which then lets you cast a big spell, there's like 5 levels of it then you win. I've been doing alright, I'm not winning but not far behind the leader, I've expanded my territory quite a bit but kept all my strong neighbours happy. Then I start getting some requests for friendship from a couple of Dark Elf factions, of course I decline because they're my arch-enemies. A few turns of that later and it seems the game just decided to get rid of me, 5 different factions turned up, a couple I hadn't even met in game yet, with 4 full armies each and in one turn destroyed my two armies and took all my cities.

  • Total War: Warhammer 2

    If you enjoy that then the latest one, Troy, is out next month.
    It's free in the Epic store on launch day only - 13th August
    (After that it'll go back up to £50 or so as usual, then into Steam after a year once the Epic exclusive is done)­oduct/a-total-war-saga-troy­ehw

  • Oh god I know. Considering how bad I am at Total War games I've still bought nearly all of them. Maybe I'll get Troy in like 2 years like I did with Warhammer 2.

  • Finished the Control. Great game considering it cost little over a tenner.

    any point in carrying on with the post credits game? Is the DLC worth chucking a few bucks at?

  • Well, get it on launch day for free (free to keep forever) then park it for 2 years

  • @Sumo - saw you playing that on Steam the other day. Was going to ask what it was like - the trauma of many teenage weekends spent in GW hasn't worn off yet.

    Am a sucker for Total War games though. Naff at them. Remember getting the PC Gamer issue with the original Shogun: TW demo on the cover - that demo level on the snowy mountain is one of my all time favourite gaming memories.

  • That's a good idea

  • Well in my case there was one more boss fight to take on (pretty good one actually) and just for the fun of exploring.

    Just playing Foundation and it is more Control in a slightly different setting basically - I'm not finding I'm massively invested now that i have all the skills. Does have a good toilet gag though and some bastard annoying new enemies who kind of destroy any tactical element to combat and turn it into mad button mashing. Still enjoyable for a tenner.

  • nah i'll give it a miss and see what else is in the bargain bin.

  • Just finished The Last of us 2.

    Wow. Not really getting all the hate, thought it was absolutely superb. The story perfectly balanced and revealed as you go. Loved the 'breaks' between the intense bits. Think I actually preferred the Abby side, the hospital section was next level good.

    Some of the 'mini stories' from notes etc are so tragic.

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Video Games

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