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  • It's worth the wait, after plodding through the first few hours of extremely slow and dull storyline it's really good fun.

  • Tbh, I was looking for a nomadic hunting simulator and thought I could fake it with RDR2. I might just hire a server on dayz, disable zombies and other players.

  • You definitely could do that on RDR2 once you're through the first few hours of storyline and it becomes more open world. There's loads of different animals, half of which I've never encountered, and different ways to hunt them to get the best pelts.

  • There's the Darwin Project game, it's a free to play battle royale one but the difference if you start with nothing and have to chop trees to make a spear, then bow etc.

  • Think I saw some of that on twitch - might dl, ta. In 2021, obvs.

    Also really looking forward to the Ancient Cities beta later this year.

  • You definitely could do that on RDR2 once you're through the first few hours of storyline

    Any time after you get to tahiti should be fine.

  • I rinsed quite a lot of control yesterday and unlocked a ton more abilities and security level 5 and it's much less stress inducing now. next main quest is to go talk to my brother, which looks intense so I'm doing some side missions first.

    still not a fan of constantly respawning enemies though. I just wanna get through a mission without fighting the same room of people 5 times. even if upgraded launch is OP and makes it easy mode.

  • Yeah - finished it yesterday. May play through again before I try the dlc. Still finding lore and hidden areas!

  • Man, there is a LOT of trudging around in the snow so far.

  • Don't worry, you get to trudge through other environments soon.

    I can't remember the first few hours cos I played them when I got home from the pub on release day. Considered restarting but maybe my subconscious convinced me otherwiwse.

  • It is slow - You may come to appreciate that in which case you'll love it. You may not in which case you may not love it as much. I spent most of my time playing poker..

  • I never finished rdr1 and spent the last 20 hours of play using it as an open world poker sim

  • You know you're doing well in Verdansk when two separate people call you a c*nt in that 3 second split you get hear their mic :-)
    It's pretty much all the mics are good for when you're always stuck with randoms!

  • Now I remember why I didn't install in the past.

    Using bootcamp and only have a small partition.

    Installed. Deleted all other non essential software.

    Have 16.5gb left.

    Don't have enough space to save progress. 😬

  • I spent most of my time playing poker..

    My man

  • Should I try to get a refund on steam and buy through Stadia?

  • Thanks for giving me the heads up on this. Loving it. Had friends rounds on Friday and swapping controllers each having a go. Good times. Nearly have enough parts to unlock my first bike...

  • Have you met at the plant arsehole boss yet?

    Good luck!

  • Been really enjoying Hunt:Showdown the last weeks. For you DayZ and PUBG players, that might be something fresh and enjoyable.

  • Control dlc dl'd. Will report.

  • MR SWEARY: < Control dlc dl'd/acquired/kidnapped. Will report/send postcard/shout in megaphone, Director >


  • Nope but I nearly shit my pants with rage at the big eye fridge boi who knocks holes in the floor for you to fall in when your levitate doesn't work for some stupid reason. took me so many attempts I went from having about 40k in points and needing an item to upgrade to having the item but only about 10k in points left. losing 10% of your primary upgrade material when you die in a game with souls bonfire type encounters that you're meant to grind through is pure bullshit by the way.

    Then I wound up at the anchor almost immediately after. so did 2 bosses in a row.

    now I can float I'll be doing the moldy side quest next probs.

  • i think you have to fight snekeyeman again on a smaller stage, which is fun.

  • This was the one I found the hardest - second time round not so much. All the others there is a method which is pretty fool-proof.

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Video Games

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