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  • Ah will take a look.

    Can always wait for it to go on sale again.

    Just Started the last of us 2. They've really nailed the atmosphere. The zombie sections I've done are so tense.

  • The zombie sections I've done are so tense.

    The new c* words are the worst, fookin spooky fuckers. (* not clickers.)

    edit they're not c-words after all. it's s words. could have sworn the subtitled dialogue called them something else.

  • Was finally going to get around to doing the last mission of the solo campaign today as no work on today so of course CoD:MW just dropped another 22gb update.

  • Also have been trying to unlock some badges in Apex Legends and have been grinding away at all the different characters (all unlocked now) and playing a whole bunch.

    But last night I ended up in a squad by myself in trios at character selection which of course is annoying as fuck but I needed a top 10 finish for a challenge so I figure I'll sneak around until there's 10 teams left and then try my luck after that. Ended up not seeing a soul as I followed the circle and skirted the edge of the map. ended up in top 3 and could hear a firefight far off but not see it. I had a decent perch and a charge rifle so I stayed put inside the circle... I then see a tiny dot on the of far side of the valley I'm in and tag them with a glancing blow but they run out of sight. the circle closes again and all of a sudden there's only 2 teams left. I scan the circle which is entirely inside my line of sight to see which building they may be in or behind, nothing. the circle keeps closing and boom.


    the stupid fucks must have gone the wrong side of the mountain and died when the ring moved.

    I ended up winning the game having 0 kills and doing a total of 35 points in damage (without shields a player still has 100 hit points).

    Fuckin Winnar!

  • Ha ha, you'd be so pissed off if you were the runner up with a shitload of kills.

  • If anyone wants Dirt 3 Complete, I have a spare copy (redeem on Steam)

  • I'm getting towards the end of the game (I think). I've found that with health, energy and launch maxed out along with charge and pierce I'm pretty much invincible unless I do something stupid. Combat is so ridiculously fun and with all the cool interesting stuff you can find t it really doesn't bother me. Not often I'll read all the back story in a game.

    May try actually using melee, shield and seize at some point just for the variety.

  • Yeah ps4 is saying my progression in the game is 62% But I’m pretty sure I’m into the end game. Still a couple of side missions I’d like to do and some hidden areas I’d like to find but not sure they’ll be available to me after this sequence of missions.

    The only thing I didn’t level up really comprehensively was energy, but I don’t feel invincible even with health boost installed. Must be the way I play...

    Saddened I’m coming to the end of the main story..

    Will purchase the dlc forthwith..
    The foundation is available now and AWE is due late summer (assuming that’s August) 2020

  • I enjoy it, it’s like reliving gap yah with less swinging.

  • I really want to play control, but damn I find it super intense. That music, the action.... I always find I get to a check point and need to take a break

  • This is exactly my experience. objectively the combat is pretty easy but it just stresses me the fuck out.

    tonight I've done half of one mission and currently have it paused to take a break but think i'm done for the evening.

  • New sniper on MW 🙇🏽♂️

  • Is that an emoji of a bullet bouncing off a head? :-)

    From what I can tell it's pretty good in multiplayer but hopeless in WZ - was watching someone use it yesterday and they were getting headshots but no downs. I imagine the explosive bullets would be fun in multiplayer though!

  • I think HDR is the go-to on WZ, think they buffed the damage range on it recently maybe? Quite a few gun changes so can't remember exactly.

  • I've found the underrated weapon for WZ is the crossbow. Obv you can't snipe with it, but it's 1 shot to down someone and you don't give your position away. You don't really want to be in face-to-face firefights anyway.

  • Yeah HDR is sniping king, not that I do it very much. I do actually quite enjoy a bit of Kar98 action in both multiplayer & WZ - still a one shot to the head but much faster for movement & ADS.

    @Sumo - looks quite good with the thermite arrows too. I should probably unlock it & give it a go!

  • Enjoyed this THPS-style Session edit:­qNE

  • TFW, on a whim you decide to buy RDR2 and try to download it with the intention of playing it within the next century - forgetting how unforgiving Steam's download utility is even with wired fiber.

  • You can set it to not throttle downloads when you're using the machine.­wnload-and-play-games-at-the-same-time-5­58460970

  • Just finished the main story in control and am upto about 85% completion. Feel a bit bereft, know there’s still stuff to do but want to jump onto the new dlc as soon as possible, don’t really want to leave the world they’ve created, but don’t want to be a completist. Might use this time to hone my skills before I get back into a new story..

  • It's mainly the 108gb download telling me I may be able to play in 2021 :)

  • hmm intersting, I get ~80MB/s on fibre from Steam (but I am west coast US)... might just be a local issue?

  • Maybe. Feel it could almost be something bootcamp related. But it only affects steam so I don't know about that. I downloaded MW2 the other day in a few minutes on osx and it took a few hours in windows when I realised osx no longer supports 32bit games..

  • Also very rarely have any issues with Steam. Just checked here and it's doing 40MB/s, not far off my bandwidth.

  • You're all Big Steam stooges aicmfp

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Video Games

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