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  • I am debating the digital only version.

  • discs?

    do people still discs?

  • Yeah, much easier to get second hand

  • be internesting to see how the retailers make money off of selling the digital only console if they can't sell a game with the box... preloaded games worked into the price point?

  • every time I've shopped in Game (maybe 3 times in the 18months) they always try to up sell something, usually PSN credit for the DLC (whether it exists or not)

  • Possibly include a download code to some games too? I think I've seen that before with current get consoles. Though might be making that up.

  • There's going to be lots of disappointed kids at Christmas if they get the digital version

  • I'm so hyped about a new Ratchet & Clank

  • Horizon 2 looks pretty good (having only just finished HZD, I may be primed to want more)

    I was a little miffed (but ultimately not surprised) by the lack of pricing and release date.

  • £500, mid November, I'm calling it.
    Also hyped about Horizon 2, actually basically all the games they showed looked brilliant.

  • Looks like the review embargo is up on the LOTU2 and people are jizzing all over the shop about it.

    metacritic must play.

  • Haven't seen any info on which of those PS5 games will be launch titles.

    GT7 will probably appear some time in 2023.

  • Demon Souls getting a PS5 release, this is good news for those that like to suffer.

  • Would enjoy a 3D platformer revival. I imagine the Spyro/Crash remasters have done pretty well so may be driving that genre.

  • Out of everything they showed that's what i'm looking forward to most.

    also thought Kena looked interesting.

  • Just catching up on all the announcement trailers, first thing that struck me was how many of these games have female protagonists, and second was that the graphics look amazing!

    Don't really do first person shooters, but deathloop

    and ghostwire: tokyo

    look like games I could get into, and even though I've never really played abe's odyssey, this looks great, might tempt me to get back into platformers.

    also loving the look and feel of little devil inside

  • Not watched many of them yet but the Deathloop trailer was amazingly put together with that old hitchcock movie poster style but I no longer trust Bethesda at all to deliver a competent game. It also sounds a lot like it may end up being a bit souls-esque with you chucking yourself into the meat grinder repeatedly.

  • On first viewing it feels vey meta in it's relation to gameplay in general, play, die, restart the level, they've just built a game around that repetition. Could be great, could be ass!
    Looks amazing though, but to be honest all of them do.

    Talking about throwing yourself into the meat grinder, did anyone else play stuntman? Which was so frustrating yet compelling to play?
    Almost broke my controller and tv on several occassions, still don't think I finished it actually.

  • All the ones that said Holiday 2020 in the announcement. Otherwise, 2021 or later I guess. Spiderman Miles Morales seems to be a launch title. Still not clear if its an add on or a brand new game.

    Nevermind: confirmed new game, not expansion.

  • What's the deal with EA on Steam? Does that mean Origin is going fuckety-bye? Or will it be more like uPlay where you see the title in Steam and it launches through uPlay? And what about titles we own in Origin already - will they show up in Steam?

    Basically how long until I get to play BF3.



  • Ah man I loved stunt man! Super frustrating but ticked the perfectionist box for me (the one that exists for a couple of hours, then gets thrown in the bin and move on). I miss all this random Double A games that just focused on one mechanic done very well a few ways then job done. Suppose the Indy scene has kind of taken on that mantle.

    Little devil inside looks great, but maybe trying to do too much... also anything by super brothers has my vote, if only for the soundtracks. Always amazing.

  • Have already been lots of scandals about day 0 patch on games being huge, expecting the disc versions of consoles to have the same anyway.

  • purchased the full CoD:MW game to run through the campaign and now the game takes up 192gb on my hdd with everything installed. wtf.

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Video Games

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