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  • i started playing Skyrim for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it's really not grabbing me. I played the fuck out of Oblivion so I expected to like it, but I just can't seem to make myself care about anything that's happening. Gives me motion sickness as well. Bit of a disappointment.

  • Im really glad people are saying this, it felt socially unacceptable to not enjoy skyrim. Me and my flat mate both have copies and neither have enjoyed it very much. Our main cross over games (where we both enjoy the same games) are GTA and Civ. Both have reasons to think Skyrim would be great, I love the Mass Effect stuff, he's into Assasins creed etc. But Skyrim? Nah.

    Were also both a generation of console behind... ive a 360, him on PS3. So are currently arguing about whether we want next generation xbox or PS5... has one been decided as better yet?

  • Nothing really decided yet, but if you don't have a library I would lean towards Xbox (as someone who is going to get a PS5), since gamepass is a pretty sweet deal for games, and Microsoft have made lots of noise about 1X games (and 360 I think) all being available on the new one without having to buy them again.

    Sony hasn't explicitly stated what their proposal is for cross generation games

  • has skyrim sorted out their disappearing follower issue yet?


    fuck off then. shit game.

  • Will Skyrim be a ps5 launch title?

  • Fuck, is that A Thing? Was wondering why my guy kept vanishing and assumed it must have been something I was doing wrong. Gaslit by a video game!

  • disappearing follower issue

    Is that the opposite of the 'Creepy Watson' from the Sherlock Holmes games?­fmk

  • Yesterday was Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and this is a nice talk by Cherry Rae (currently of Ubisoft) about accessibility in vidya games that I thought some of you might enjoy­al-accessibility-awareness-day-2020-ubis­oft-cherry-thompson/

  • Also World Goth Day... 🦇🖤👹

  • Interesting.
    The only other factor I can think of, is cross play. Does this work yet? otherwise it makes sense to see what my other mates are on.

  • I played Skyrim when it came out, it was a fantastic game and I sunk hundreds of hours into it. Have tried to restart since but didn't get far at all.

    I have no regerts, Skyrim is probably just a bit outdated now

  • I'm either bored of my games or finished them, luckily there seems to be quite a few sales on at the moment. I just picked up Watchdogs 2 for about £13 with all the DLC, it's pretty fun!

  • Morrowind is one of my all time favourite games. Oblivion was tough to get into for me because it was disappointing after Morrowind but then I got into it and loved it too. Was so excited for Skyrim got it at launch for 360 and then also for PC when it was cheap on steam one time. Still never finished it. Really could not get into it at all

  • I just picked up Watchdogs 2 for about £13 with all the DLC, it's pretty fun!

    I enjoyed the first one, but just can't get into the second. Have tried twice. It just feels like every mission is a chore. Also, the characters are pretty annoying.

    Pretty though!

  • Finally managed to win a game of Warzone (solo's) yesterday! That was stressful, only just recovered!
    I don't think that was actually my best game as I've come close a few times having played much better, luck was just on my side towards the end this time.

    It's interesting how the tactics are so different between quads, trios & solos, think I prefer trios but it's a lottery of who you get out with.

  • Congrats
    Aren't there enough in this thread to get a reliable squad?
    Saying that, it won't be me, strictly mp atm

  • Nice one! How was your heart rate when you were down to 2? I find it incredibly tense and have lost the final fight several times not thinking straight.

    I think I prefer quads as a group of friends as its funnier but im looking forward to duos as there's only one other lad I play with who I can rely on enough consistently.

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Video Games

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