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  • You can break the lock, it just helps keep randoms together (or people that are new).

    I've played a few more games now - it's pretty good, not won one yet but I'm often on my own by the end of games so up against groups. I do much better when I get one of my custom guns in hand too!

  • played a fair bit of CoD:WZ yesterday. Seems like good fun. Definitely more so in a group, though.

    Anyone up for a game?

  • I'd be up for that - I don't have a mic but the controls for pointing things out in the world are good & it would be nice to play with other people!

    Does it support cross-play? How do you add people if they're not on the same console as you?
    Either way, these are mine if anyone wants to play:
    PSN ID - Psywood
    Activision ID - Lw <-- I can't get that to show properly, it's underscore "Lw" underscore

  • Joycon drift on my left controller GRR!

    I've logged a service call with Nintendo, they did my right one last year, hoping they do this one.

    They have emailed me a free postage label, but I have no access to a printer!

  • Last of us Part 2 delayed again. Sounds more like covid-induced logistics problems rather than development issues.

  • some of the logistic companies can print them on site (at least FedEx and UPS can here in the US)

  • If you in London and happy to collect, can print out for you.

  • Cheers, but I'm out in Essex

  • Has anyone won a game of Warzone yet?

    I still haven't managed it - 4th is my best, several top 10's but no podiums! Need to get my partner to go out for a run or something so I can get a marginal gain on internet speed!

  • I think so. There was us and one other team, I shot someone then it just ended.

  • Green Hell looks fun.

    Im on holiday now till next thursday so I will have time to play COD:WZ

  • I'm on it a bit, think I've still got you on steam?

  • I’m thinking about buying a game’s console for my kids (10 & 6). I have no idea what to buy, I’ve never had anything like it myself.
    What would be a good budget option for us trying something out?
    Also we have pretty flakey internet where we live so something that doesn’t depend on that (stand alone) would be good.
    They have played mario cart on a borrowed DS, they loved it,this is how it got started.

  • Easy, Switch!!!

  • Agree with TS, Switch is the choice.

    I would recommend a full size one though, not a Lite as they're hand held mode only. The full size one connects to the TV and has two controllers out of the box.

    I would say though, if you're looking for a super budget option, the Xbox One S all digital edition is currently shipping for £150. It comes with minecraft and sea of thieves, though only one controller.

    The game pass subscription that xbox offers is a bit like netflix for games - theres over 150 games which you can download and play as much as you like as long as you keep the subscription going. That might be a cheap way to try out loads of games with your kids.

  • Been playing GTA V on a borrowed PS4 during lockdown and got half way through. Sadly it’s no longer available, but I have an Xbox 360 and assume there’s no way of porting over the save file between different consoles. Is it theoretically possible to download another person’s Xbox 360 save file so I don’t have to redo the first half all over? Cheers!

  • Game pass has a few fun with kids local co op games too, been playing human fall flat and minecraft with my daughter, there's a fair few others too. Plus plenty of other stuff for when they're in bed.

  • I imagine the consensus will be to get a Switch and it's hard to disagree with.

    Nintendo seem to be most likely to stick with physical games out of the console manufacturers which will be beneficial in sharing games (if you're getting 2 consoles). Nintendo are also definitely the market leaders in terms of games aimed at kids.

    My daughter is currently alternating between Mario Kart on my old DSi and the Spyro games on my PS Vita.

  • Been playing a bit of Mario Kart but mostly Warzone over the last couple of weeks. Even with a crap team, unless you have a bad landing zone, you should be able to make top 20 in > 50% of games just by not being a complete moron.

    If you have a team who understand how the game works (in terms of marking targets, locations, etc, even if you aren't able to talk to each other), it's pretty fun.

  • Trouble is trying to find a switch at the moment. I’m trying to source one for my daughter’s birthday.

  • Switch Lites are normally relatively easy to come by if you don't need to big screen or detachable joycon functionality.

  • Yep, I’ve seen. Ideally looking for the original version though.

  • I'm surprised Nintendo are seemingly having a lot of difficulty matching demand. I bought my Lite back in early Jan and the situation was the same then.

  • They've always kept stock low, I assume it's part of their strategy to keep demand up, so I'm not surprised they're sold out everywhere now

  • Also I think Chinese new year and Covid have hit productivity in factories in China so from what I understand most electrical goods made there are lower on stock than normal.

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Video Games

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