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  • We need an LFGSS squad

  • I've dug out a couple of PSPs (I can't remember what prompted me to buy a second one): an original and a PSP Go.

    They both had custom firmware but as I haven't used them for years it will be well out of date. Any suggestions on where to look for/how to install updates?

    Also, any suggestions on games, etc?

  • Hey folks,

    Looks like we're in this for the long-run...

    Can anyone suggest an inexpensive projector that I can hook up to a laptop for movies or a PS4 for gaming?

    Oh, and I'm also looking to buy a ps4 if anyone has a one for sale.

  • If they're earlier generation models and the firmware is old enough you can just download and install games to an sd card for free, I did it about 12 years ago so can't remember exactly what's needed so can't be of much help but I'm sure it's all available on the web.

    Also, if you might be interested in selling one of those psp's then I might take it.

  • I bought one from a forum member here a few years back, great little devices especially for emulation.

    Always wanted a Go, though can't really justify it while having a regular one that gets used so rarely as it is.

    The only PSP games I can think of that I regularly play are MGS Peace Walker, Gran Turismo & the GTA Stories games.

  • Mgs acid was alright

  • I also enjoyed
    -Wipeout (Fusion on PSP I think)
    -Initial D (think this was only available in Japanese)
    -Gangs of London
    -Chili Con Carnage

  • I have fond memories of my dad being so engrossed in Wipeout Fusion that he totally ignored my brother (10 or 11 at the time) hobbling about, pissing blood everywhere from a severely broken toe. The only video game I ever saw him play. Parenting at it's finest.

  • I remember the bgm suiting the game really well. Must get a PSP

  • Also, any suggestions on games, etc

    Tekken and Wipeout
    Both deep gameplay

  • Whats DayZ like these days?

  • All too real?

  • Really enjoyed it a week or two ago for a few days until I encountered other players and it reminded me why I uninstalled.

    Speed hacks and toxicity.

    Bannerlord is the only real game any more.

  • Nintendo sale... is Hellblade recommended?
    Might get Torchlight 2 for mindless hack and slashing.

  • Torchlight 2

    Ah man, wish it did couch coop.

    @greenhell this may be relevant to your interests if you're still Switching.

    (also, only heard good things about Hellblade, but not played).

  • Hellblade is great. Make sure you play with headphones.

  • I went to buy it, and apparently I had bought it in a previous sale and hadn’t played it yet!

  • diablo lite? and 4 chaeps? i'll get on it. Still slogging through botw. One more beasty to go and then i'll knock it on the head.

  • Diablo + Even more loot, fishing and pets. Less inventory management.

    Mowing down beasties for 20 minute blasts is always good fun.

  • Bannerlord is the only real game any more.

    You've been waiting so long for this game :')
    Looks awesome. It I might wait until it's polished up a bit, only in early access right?

  • 14 years man and boy.

    It's great. It's a touch buggy (things like some obscure dialogue/text showing things like 'random_morale_value' instead of 'morale: 76' or not being able to make peace with certain clans though that's already been patched). But they're rolling out updates very quickly already. Music is amazing. Combat is amazing. Graphics are amazing on high. Ability to have, battle AI is generally very good. Sieges are wild. Campaign quest story is bit grindy as they're using placeholders for dialogue and some NPCs. Also some maps are repeated at the moment but in time they'll all be unique.

    I got it with a 20% discount which is well worth it to me. But I imagine it'll be in a sale in a while and even at 39.99 it seems like a lot of content for your dollar. Haven't touched multiplayer yet.

  • Oh good news, anyone planning on trying multiplayer out?
    I'd like more people to play with, no headset currently though

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Video Games

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