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  • Fair enough.

    TBF, i've had a WD 2tb 2.5" drive for years as well. That was much cheaper...

    These are cheap.

  • Switch getting (amongst others) Burnout Paradise, hype!

  • More games for me to buy and never play...

  • Best moment in AC.

    That moment when you casually fishing, to make so bells, not expecting that you’ll catch something new for museum because you think you already got everything for March and you catch gigantic Oarfish.

    Nearly died IRL.

    Checked my progress on how many fish I caught prior this - 302 - so yeah, pretty rare.

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  • That's more like it. Cheers.

  • I’ve managed to snag three of those already. Nearly had a heart attack when the first one popped up!

    Still missing a stringfish according to the internet.

  • Oh Juzou the Drunkard? I struggled with him as well, I find that the game has a steep learning curve for the deflect timing and when to counter a thrust of jump a sweep etc.

    It does get easier (not sure it really gets easier actually) but you definitely do notice yourself improving.

  • You're right. I went back to it yesterday, tried to take things a bit more slow and methodical and I've got a bunch further. I also watched some of the Fighting Cowboy's walkthrough which helped with some tips on how to deal with areas.

  • Firewatch on Switch is a must, if you haven't played already.... proper escapism

  • ooh yeah, hard agree. If you don't have a Switch then it's just as vital on PC, imo. Might re-download and give it another play now i've got a bigger screen.

  • Anyone got suggestions for co-op games on Xbox game pass? Online is fine, anything with 2 controllers is even better!

  • Is Overcooked on Xbox? Definitely worth checking out

  • World War Z is currently free on Epic games for PC if you fancy a colab game.

  • I've got an ancient MacBook so not really an option, thanks though!

  • Looks like a laugh, is it all minigame type stuff?

  • All the same game mode, you're in a kitchen with a bunch of ingredients and a bunch of stations to prepare the ingredients. You've got to combine them to fulfill orders as they come in. Bad communication and frustration ensues!

  • It's chaos, so so good

  • From the WFH thread in case anyone else is looking

    Death Squared is pretty good fun. Co-op puzzler.
    Overcooked 2, Worms, Rocket league, Neon Chrome.

    Halo obviously and Gears of War

    There don't seem to be that many out there.

  • Jedi Fallen Order, finished and immediately deleted from my ps4 forever.

    what a fucking load of shite. even after playing my way through the whole game I feel cheated for having spent £40 on it because I don't think there was a minute of it where I was actually having fun. I tried to persevere... I learned blocking,parrying, dodging and all that timing nonsense, even though it is about as tightly pulled together as a jumper knit by your nan after 2 bottles of sherry.

    I fed myself into the meat grinder of encounters and bosses and traipsed back and forth from checkpoint to boss only to get killed in some stupid endless unstoppable combo because you can't heal without stopping dead still and definitely not when they're hitting you with things. I waited minutes to respawn and get back only to die quicker than it took me to return to the spot.

    I did all the fucking stupid inane boring puzzles, pull this, push that, jump here, I re-did them again when the basic fucking movement mechanics didn't work properly and I ended up launching myself into the endless void instead of jumping to the next section or just get pushed off a ledge while sliding down the most pointless agility gameplay sections you could dream up. I swam around in the boring underwater bits with nothing of any interest to look at and some of the worst swimming controls since tmnt on the NES. I did all that and worked my arse off just to get to the end and was faced with such a bullshit boss fight after 10 goes I realised I was 1000000% done with it and stuck it on story mode and cheesed my way to the finish and I dont care one fucking bit.

    As I said to a friend who also hates it, this is brexit the game, I can't figure out why what is seemingly just a collection of some of the worst decisions ever made is so well liked by the general populous.

    Final verdict: 2/10

  • Thank you
    I have been tempted to buy it. Loved Jedi Knight the old pc game and thought perhaps, you know force powers.

    The force is strong in you Hatbeard

  • I quite liked it.

  • Dude. With this and your board game reviews, you should think about publishing your own reviews somewhere. Entertaining, clear, concise and insightful - they are always a good read.

  • I'm probably very slow to this but PlayStation store has fallout4 GOTY & Skyrim special edition bundled together for £22 - seems like a decent value time black hole to me!

    Must really try not to be a sneaky archer with a bit of magic healing power this time!

  • +1000
    Great review @HatBeard 👏👏

  • I normally play games like that as a similar character type. Replayed Skyrim as an ignorant as fuck orc recently and it was pretty fun!

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Video Games

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