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  • Weird, I thought completely the opposite about the combat. Pretty distinct moves required depending on your opponent, and a really good variety of combos.

  • No, I understand the distinct moves, and the combo's, but my ability to pull them off is in question. Which results in me being frantic and button smashy.

  • It's probably somewhere in between fallout 3 & 4 in terms of how it plays, no bases and all that, nice and single player, funny moments, lots of collecting shit you don't need and should really just ignore.

  • Worth a try for sure.

  • Ah - brilliant. Thanks!

  • Much more so than fallout I played outer worlds never regretting making a 'wrong' build/choice that would diminish my experience. Finished it feeling like I could immediate start again with a completely different build and enjoy it just as much. So many options for completing quests.

  • Finally got a 2080RTX ... man what a jump from a 1070 GTX
    Division 2 went from 55fps on High in 2k, to 115 fps on Ultra in 2k!

    Just checking out Control to see what the RTX stuff looks like

  • Felt the same. Either button smash, hit them in the air and button smash or dodge through their legs and button smash. Combat keeps you firmly on the ground which seems odd given Spiderman is meant to be airborn.

  • Just finished Bloodborne.

    Quite proud of myself :)

    Gave up on the game about 2 years ago and few days back decided to give it another ty and NOT give up.

    Now ready for Sekiro, Nioh and Dark Souls!

  • I've started and sacked off Bloodborne many times.

    Decides to start Dark Souls 3 again (have the platinum trophy already) and am loving being back in Lothric.

    Would recommend 1 or 3 (2 I can't get to grips with, I do not care for it)


    Looks interesting for non-Switch-owners who want a BotW-like

  • 115 fps on Ultra in 2k!


  • What about Quake 2 tho?

    I'm holding out for Ampere to make an appearance. Rumours of news at GTC in March.

  • Finally bit the bullet and bought a Switch (Lite) with BotW. Will most likely be doing nothing else with me free time for the next few months.

  • Nice! I’m eyeing a 2080 or 2070s founders to pair with my next mac.

  • haha probably some insane number. I must admit I am playing a lot of WoW so the 2080 is overkill

  • the 3xxx series isn't too far away and supposed to be more powerful/cheaper

  • Hmmm I’ll try and hold out, I’ve read a bit about the performance jump and I suspect they are talking about ray tracing only, non ray tracing performance is likely to less of a jump, I suspect.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 delayed until Sept. May give Sekiro a go although tempted to just keep playing RDR for a bit or even go back to Witcher 3..

  • Yeah yeah really good, especially if you like Fallout. Some people have said it's short but being time poor that suits me.

    Part of the reason I fell out of love with RDR2, I just couldn't countenance another lengthy ride across the marshes.

  • The Last of Us 2 in 2020?

  • Speaking of Sekiro, if anyone has a ps4 copy they're not playing any more, hit me up.


    Doom Eternal looks batshit awesome!

    Day1 for me.

  • Just started playing Ghost Recon Wildlands again but with mouse and keyboard, god damn it changes things compared to controller, makes being quick and lethal so much easier.

  • Doom Eternal looks batshit awesome!

    Trailer looks sweet, but I've never played Doom and it just looks like smash smash shoot shoot ad infinitum.
    Does it not get boring?

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Video Games

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