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  • Saw one on ebay, can’t remember the brand now, but was very tempting for the odd Outrun binge.

  • Race wheel stands: GT Omega are supposed to be good. Not sure I really want to drop another £100 on something i might want to flip in a few months.

    eBay copies are about £50, will probably go down that route for the time being.

  • Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. The former is incredible for just driving, have lost endless hours on the Nordschleife alone. Also has amazing mod support, such as the one at the top of this list :)

    Bit disilusioned with the latter because although the developers are peerless in terms of simulation, they're pretty hopeless with other important stuff. End product isn't very inspiring.

    The rig spends more time like this at the moment...

    No doubt Oliver appreciates another dangerous pilot out of the skies.

  • after waiting 20 years, the special limited edition Shenmue ... and since it arrived to his parents’ house his dad opens the parcel with a Stanley.


  • Cracking up :')

  • Finished Death Stranding last night. Or at least I think I did, was during the un-skippable third set of closing credits. About 2 hours worth of cut-scenes after the first closing credits appeared. Wouldn't be surprised if there were more cut-scenes to come, but I'm past caring.

    Having spent about 95 hours very much enjoying going around doing stuff, the last five were pretty dreadful and have rather spoilt the whole thing for me.

  • I have this Hori Fighting Mini (PS4) going.

    Lowest I see it on ebay is £30 used, sold listings at £20 + post.

    Anyone interested at £20 posted by recorded/signed-for/etc?

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  • very much enjoying going around doing stuff

    I also love walking, and occasionally dropping what I'm carrying.

  • Is there a 'keys, wallet, phone?' button?

  • If anybody was curious about Mosaic, let me spare you some time and money and tell you it's pretty shit. Marketed as one of those slow-burn games that has a serious and complicated message behind apparently boring and repetitive game play (something like Stanley Parable, Death Stranding or The Talos Principle)), it's actually a very linear interactive novel. And not very interactive. And not very interesting.

    I had to make myself stop playing The Talos Principle, especially once I got onto the DLC. Had to make myself finish Mosaic and now I want the time and money back.

  • Just finished swapping out the hdd in my PS4 not that difficult to be honest, only time consuming bit was copying the 300gb of data onto and then back off of an external hard drive.
    Now means I can put those games I’ve brought over the last few weeks onto the hdd..

  • I'm trying to get hold of an N64 with modded HDMI, can't seem to find any for PAL. Anyone had any luck? Or done the mod themselves?

  • What do you think of the Talos Principle? Any good? It’s been on my watch list for a while

  • I bought a Logitech G29, fired up GT Sport today, it's much harder with a wheel than the joypad.
    Did some of the training missions and took time off all my records (stop start/ slaloms / cornering)
    So I reckon Wheels are the way forward, but fuck me the learning curve is steep.
    Random tank slappers on a long straight really irk me.
    I'll get there I'm sure

  • I think the main game is very good and the major DLC (Road to Gehenna) makes it great.

    On the surface it is a puzzle game (put weight on pressure plate to open door, find ways to link light source with light-sensitive switch etc), with beautiful graphics and an interesting setting. Once you get past the fact that the game explains almost nothing, the learning curve is shallow, with only some of the challenges being really tough, but the learning process is also quite fun.

    Some people will stall right at the beginning of the game and have to go find walk-throughs, because the game really does explain almost nothing. You have to explore to find out what the challenges even look like, how you'll know when you've finished them and what to do next (a bit like the Myst games). If you're not basically skilled at puzzle games, I guess the learning curve is actually very steep.

    There's also an interesting conversation going on about about philosophy and how to find meaning in life. You can ignore that or treat it as just an interesting backstory - and that bit is also full of good jokes, so it's not boring. But in fact this is a game that uses the mechanics both to make satirical jokes about computer games and to demonstrate, brutally, the importance of the issues being debated (a bit like Bioshock satirised FPS games and also had an interesting conversation about Ayn Rand's wacky philosophy). There are important choices you can make in the game and the philosophical debate can help you think about those choices - and vice versa.

    In the main game, the challenges mostly aren't too tough and and I wasn't new to the philosophical debate. I enjoyed it but was more thrilled by how cleverly it has been designed to coax the typical gamer into thinking about those things while still being fun.

    Then I played the DLC, which turned all the dials up to 11. Much tougher challenges, no hints, harder choices to make in the game, a whole new kind of minigame, lots more good jokes, a whole extra dimension to the philosophical debate.

    Both the main game and the DLC have multiple possible endings. I enjoyed the game so much that I spent quite a bit of time chasing down the bonus puzzles before playing the toughest (and most emotionally satisfying) endings, because I knew I was going to miss playing.

    I had to edit this review a lot. I didn't have any actual spoilers, but discovering what kind of a game you're actually playing is part of what makes it a great game, which I don't want to spoil for anybody who likes that kind of thing.

  • Wow, what a legendary reply. Thanks hugely. It sounds like quite an investment in time and energy, which is probably why I haven’t bought it yet.

  • Once you've worked out the basics (which might take some people 20 or 30 minutes on initial play), you can easily treat it as a casual game. The individual puzzles aren't that big, you have a lot of freedom about the order to tackle them in (or which ones to do at all, if you go for the easier endgames) and it's easy to abandon one challenge if you're stuck and try a different one.

  • Bladerunner the point and click 90's game is now available on GOG for around £7
    Such fond memories of that. The atmosphere story and graphics.
    Been ages but looking forward to revisiting this world

  • Had been searching on and off for a copy for years, got it last night and have started playing through it. Voice acting is a bit crap but enjoying it aside from that

  • Does it have full subtitles, please?

    I watched the film for the first time ever last week (seriously) and am extremely interested in playing the game, but no point me getting it if there's voice acting with no subs

  • Not in the version I have, however I was searching for a screenshot of the options screen to share and stumbled upon this, which may be of help:­?t=14900

    Edit: Though this thread seems to state subtitles are present, but I can't see them in the options screen. I'll have a dig around to see if there's a simple way to get them working.

    Edit2: Relevant thread on subtitles here:­ubtitles

  • Chummer, you're a superstar! Was fully expecting to be disappointed there. Will have a go and see if I can figure out how to load those on MacOS, tyvm :D

  • Nice one! Fingers crossed all goes well! Be a damn shame to miss out on that game.

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