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  • yeah been reading about that, but have enough cables for jnr to pull out, don't want another. going the internal route is a bit more of a faff, but less stress going forward. If I need extra space in the future (if death stranding/red dead 2/ any other AAA title I get that needs shit loads of space) might do external hdd

  • Fair enough, regular PS4 only has 2 usb ports so 1 is now permanently used for my HDD.

    I was reading about the ps5 cartridge patent that has surfaced.
    Theories are it might get be expandable memory cartridges / SSD slots. Which will be spendy and shit.

  • isn't that similar to the expansion on the new mac pro? (could be wrong as I read the specs on it and it confused/amazed the fuck out of me)

  • Who's enjoying Death Stranding ?

  • Outer Worlds for me

  • Outer worlds was good but short

  • I am. So much.

    Put in about 12 hours today (oops).

    Not sure what was last single player game I was so hooked on.

  • Who's enjoying pokemon?

    Reading about death stranding makes me realise how basically unacceptable how little games freak have actually innovated with the pokemon ip but it's still fun

  • I really like it and have found it addictive, Stuck on the first boss though.

  • I'll get it on payday. I've still got a lot of time to put in to death stranding first

  • I’ve played about two hours.

    Seems fine. Some of the ease of use features are welcome but it also feels super dumbed down. I’ve already got nearly £60k and I’ve barely got into the first town.

  • The Mrs is liking it, she still thinks it's a bit easier than earlier versions but it's definitely a real pokemon game unlike let's go. She is pissed that she can't use her pokeball controller though.

  • Had a weekend alone so went out to buy a new game, local shops didn't have Death Stranding so got the new CoD Modern Warfare as I used to enjoy it a fair bit.

    Gun feel in the game has got much better from what I remembered, graphics are great. I can see why the content of the solo campaign has had mixed reviews, pretty bleak on occasion but, damn, it's short! Finished the thing in less than a day!

    I'll see if online is any good, if so I'll keep, if not chop it in and go back to Apex Legends.

  • Someone in here mentioned Mini Metro ages ago. I downloaded it and am now quite seriously addicted so thanks a lot, whoever you are.

  • Outer Worlds was great, now playing Star Wars: Fallen Order... really really enjoying it

  • I'm considering buying Fallen Order.
    Is it more like the old Jedi Knight series (story driven, RPG Elements) or like Force unleashed (endless stream of Hack&Slay and fucking quicktime events all the fucking time)?

  • I'd prepared myself with scepticism for Fallen Order, which seemed justified by the luke warm Eurogamer review.

    However everything I've seen since has been overwhelmingly positive. I'd have picked it up already if it weren't for Death Stranding occupying all of my time.

  • I assume that everyone is aware of which today let me know that Sega/Relic are giving away CoH2 DLC.

    Battle for Stalingrad here I come...

  • I had no idea this existed and have already used it to buy a game I've been eyeing up for some time. Very useful thanks

  • Anyone played Miles and kilo? Some of the most fun I've had gaming in years.

  • It's like not quite as story driven as JK, has rare RARE QT events (like if a monster jumps you, mash X occasionally). Mostly it's Star Wars meets Uncharted meets Tomb Raider, with a decent story.

    If you don't want to shell out for it, I know some people are buying one month of Origin Premium ( think like $14.99 ) and playing it quickly.

  • Just reading that ASDA (UK) has a pre-black friday deal on Nintendo Switch (the “pro” version).

    It’s the newer version with improved battery.

    £239 in store only. Pretty amazing price tbh.
    That’s just £40 more than Lite with many extra features.

    DO IT

  • That's a great price.

    Playing pokemon last night - have been persevering with this shit one convinced it was going to get good (trying to avoid guides etc) and last night it evolved into a classic from the original 150. It was a proper little gyrados moment.

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Video Games

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