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  • lololololol june if we're lucky

  • Haven't really played too much CS for the last year or so, did the cheating situation get a lot worse? Never really got too many cheaters back then, but when we got them, they were blatant af.

  • Try Apex Legend it's surprisingly good. The shooting and movement are straight from Titanfall 2 which is also great.
    The cheaters on PC is the reason I now get shooters on consoles, although the new Modern Warfare has cross play so I'm sure they're going to ruin my games in the future.

  • Talk to me about video games.

    I like Zelda. I like Halo (campaign mode, not multiplayer), Gears of War. I like puzzle & mystery stuff. I like Mario world.

    If I buy a second hand PS4, am I going to be disappointed by Death Stranding? Then Shadow of the Colossus and God of War, I reckon.

  • If I buy a second hand PS4, am I going to be disappointed by Death Stranding?

    Release date is November 8th, so no one in this thread will be able to tell you (at this moment).

    For what it's worth, I'm considering buying a PS4 specifically for Death Stranding. I think it looks great and I have a lot of faith in Hideo Kojima due to the Metal Gear Solid series.

    I think it's safe to say it is/will be a very polarizing game. Try to watch some videos on it, although I think it's a hard game to review. I liked this video:­wQ8

  • My bet for Death Standing is imagine MGS5 without the guns

  • Kojima has stated DS is not a stealth game (unlike the MGS series), so I wouldn't bank on that. And it has firearms.

  • Will we get copious amounts of credit rolls?

  • Ok so no guns, no stealth, just walking.

  • PS4 games to play:
    Spider-Man (3rd person, zipping about on webs, beating people up, much fun)

    Horizon Zero Dawn (3rd person, post apocalyptic dystopia, hunting robot dinosaurs with bow and arrows)

    The Last of Us (3rd person, zombie-esque mutants overrun the world, few humans left creeping about)

    Also Dark Souls because I love them and they are great.

  • thanks for that. Was going to pick it up and play it, but that's convinced me.

  • I'd add all of the uncharted series into that and also the last guardian.

  • Ta. I forgot about Spider-Man.

  • I'm terribler at it. And veeery unlucky in that game too, hence why I wrote 3% haha.

  • is it the one in the fucking maze?

  • I followed a guide so I'm pretty sure I've got all the quest specific ones, I've got all the ones from playing randoms so I just need to find the merchant that sells it... shouldn't take long

  • I know there's a few merchants that unlock when you save them from certain encounters so guess I'll have a crack at some of those question marks. Then got the dlc which I believe introduces a whole new faction...

  • Trying to avoid hearing anything about Death Stranding, but I just heard something that sums up the potential level of ridiculousness involved.

    Conan O'Brien plays a character in it, he, at some point, gives the player an otter mask. The mask allows the player to float down rivers on their back.

    I have no idea if this is legitimate and don't want to start researching in case it uncovers all sorts of story detail. But the Kojima-loving bit of me is quite happy at the moment.

  • I heard this too, but have no idea who Conan OBrian is.

  • The 1 hour long "review" by Tim Rogers was only allowed to use 20 minutes of game footage so it's basically a montage of the Death Stranding guy stubbing his toe on a tiny rock and dropping/breaking all the important boxes. It looks frustrating as hell, I can't wait.

  • He's in Bladerunner. Dodges bullets etc.

  • US "late night with"-style host that isn't actually funny or interesting yet half the show is audience laughter. Not missing out on anything.

  • Either I'll love it, or I'll hate it and just go back to playing MGS3 again to relive the Kojima glory days. Win-win for me.

    Can't imagine anyone will have a 'meh' response to it.

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Video Games

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