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  • I really need to get through the Metro games this winter... thinking about buying a projector to play them at around 150 inches for real immersion, overkill?

  • Projector gaming can be challenging depending on gameplay. I could manage DayZ but found PUBG iffy. Def fun/novel though. Even better for group lols rather than solo neckbearding but I'm not one to judge.

  • Oh aye, wouldn't want it for anything serious (#pubgislyfe) but for the experience...
    WFH this are FYI until COP.
    Touch my base.

  • the state of you

  • In seriousness though, shooting today in London and Reading then driving home to Plym later - but from tomorrow I've got a few weeks off after about 10 straight days on the road. Give me 16 inches.

  • Give me 16 inches

  • Not even a euph any more

  • In other news, I just saw there's a MediEvil remake coming out. I bloody loved the original.­il-p113215/

  • Nice!

    Just spotted the PS1 version is up on the Vita store, that'll do for me!

  • I'm pretty free all week actually, if the 16 inch event isn't announced by tomo I'm going to be worried (and icon of it has been leaked already).

  • MediEvil fucking rules!

    Not related, but I heard this is a cool game:

    Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking open world role playing game. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve your path across. Interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders or take bribes. Become a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being.

  • By this point it’s gotta end up being a just a press release and product launch right?

    I was really hoping for an iPad Pro update myself. Looks like March.

  • In other news, I just saw there's a MediEvil remake coming out

    Loved this game!! Played it through so many times as a child
    Need a playstation but I would be buying one for 1 year then the new ones come out -.-
    But also death Stranding, last of us,God of war , shadow of the Colossus...

  • surely the graphics are better on a TV/monitor that projector?
    Sound like they'd be prone to input lag also but I've never used one

  • Its more for casual mass immersion rather than day to day...

  • Played an hour of Luigi's Mansion 3 last night, bit weird, doesn't feel like a proper Nintendo Game... Super long cut scenes, will have a proper session with it on Saturday...

  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Luigi's Mansion?

  • The Outer Worlds - who's wiv meh?

  • Waiting on the Switch version

  • It's one of those games I want to know as little as possible about before playing. Will keep an eye on the review scores - and maybe summaries - but nothing more.

  • So should I play RDR2 when it comes out on PC. Allergic to consoles so would appreciate thoughts.

  • I found it a bit underwhelming to be honest. Wasn't particularly taken by the storyline and no missions stood out as being particularly memorable. Rockstar aslo need to sort out their controls, which often feel really clunky in comparision to other third-person games. No idea whether this may have changed on the way to the PC.

    Technically it's incredible though, both in terms of the world and all the stuff going on withing it. If just going around and doing stuff appeals, it's probably worth a shot.

  • This ^

    Thought it was a PS4 exclusive until now, so damn happy it's on PC too. It's a shame it's not built using the Fox engine as that was incredibly well optimised. It'll be the first game built with the Decima engine to be released on PC, so hopefully that goes smoothly.

  • If just going around and doing stuff appeals, it's probably worth a shot.

    Well, playing Witcher 3 at the mo so yeah..

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Video Games

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