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  • New Mario kart tour... Has everyone suddenly got really good at hitting you constantly with stuff? Seem to get battered with all sorts now the whole race, usually just before a jump or whatever so you're extra fucked.

  • I can't be fucked with it anymore, play a couple of games then get bored... Might uninstall...

  • I have sacked it off. Bored of building combos.

  • I was getting that way, now there's a load of new characters and rainbow Road, but also I'm not sure I can be bothered starting again as a new tour more than the few cups I've just boshed out.

  • I've just picked it up again, enjoying the new tracks...

  • was back home in london this weekend and went to turn on my xbone and it's stone cold dead. it's only been used about 3 times this year as I'm never there but can't imagine why that would cause it to kick the bucket. in the past I've had to reset the power supply by unplugging everything and leaving it for a minute but this time it didn't do anything.

    not sure if I should just stick with the ps4 pro until the next lot of consoles come out or get an xbone s so I can still play my existing games if i get the fancy.

    annoyingly it was the easiest way for me to watch nba league pass on my telly as it's one of the few platforms which has the app available. going to have to get a roku just for that now as the new season starts this month. anyways yankee bouncyball thread >>>>>>

  • Good day of gaming today; FINALLY finished horizon zero dawn - enjoyed it but it did drag a bit at the end.

    And then won a game of apex legends!

    Just downloaded The Last of Us so may play through that again this afternoon!

  • is it an xbone X by any chance?

  • Also ps5 has been announced for christmas next year, xbone 2 can't be far behind

  • Xbox 12?

  • Just downloaded The Last of Us so may play through that again this afternoon!

    Me too. Friends and family have raved about this so spent a couple of hours having my hand held while some story unfolded.
    Beautiful to look at.
    Is it a game though?

  • I bloody love that game. One of my favourite gaming experiences. Those clickers made me jump out of my skin!

    Turn the difficulty up if you want more game 😰

  • nah original

  • Is a game more so than say Heavy Rain and the ilk.

    I only ever got about half way through it on PS3, so looking forward to finishing it.

    Also cosplaying as Joel for Halloween/ comic con this year.
    Just need to find a teenage girl to hang around with...

  • So, everybody psyched about Bee Simulator coming out next month?

    Just me...

    (Actually, it looks pretty good)

  • Ah right, strange. Maybe your house got hit by lightning or something? I asked because I've had two X's die on me.

  • 'Project Scarlet' was announced at E3 this year as the next Xbox release and sure I saw at the time they were hoping for a Winter 2020 launch. Or maybe it's just me and wishful thinking as I'm holding out to just get that when it's released and Backwards Combatibility play all of the Xbone releases that I've been wanting to play over the years.

  • Yep looks to be 'Holiday 2020' at the moment­ett

  • Great, I can spend like £1k on getting both...

  • Brings back memories of Mister Mosquito on the PS2.

  • Not that any one cares, but I uninstalled Mario Kart Tour. The bits which were most engaging (the tier ranks and challenges) obviously required specific characters/karts/gliders which I didn't have and never seemed to win in the tube-pull-thing. So what was left was just not at all engaging enough, and quite often frustrating enough, to not just say fuck it. Which is a shame. The mechanics weren't terrible.

  • I stopped playing... Then started again...

    I'm not even enjoying it that much, it's a compulsion...

  • Games for the switch are a bit spenny. 50 notes for a reworked version of a game that was the tits 20+ years ago is a fucking piss take.

  • Totally this, gacha mechanics are dirty.

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Video Games

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