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  • I keep looking at them and thinking about how nice they look

  • They're very sleek indeed.

  • The colours though. Sweet baby blue, yellow and... dull grey?

    I want one, but not in any of those colours.

  • Sweet baby blue

    Surely that’s teal? #colourpedant

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  • Id go turquoise, especially if it’s the hard shell version.

  • Just buy a Switch, you cheap bastards...

  • The Witcher 3 will be a lot more than a few months ime ;)

    Yes. Starting to realise that.... :-)

    Tried fallout 4 but it didn't seem all that different to how I remember 3 and I found it a bit dull. Will probably go back at some point.

  • To be fair, the only reason I want a Switch is for BotW.

    Not forking out over £300 to play one game!

    Now, £200 on the other hand...

    It'll be interesting to see if there's a performance difference between the two.

    I regularly play on my Vita, DS & a little Linux handheld (plus a PSP mainly used for emulation), 5 portable consoles is a bit much! (Clutching at straws for arguments not to buy a Switch at this point...)

  • a little Linux handheld

    Tell us more


    Also got one of these, which is more like a proper handheld computer that has a small game engine packaged also:­2016/7/19/12227806/pocketchip-review-por­table-linux-computer

  • Just listened to this episode of my favourite gaming podcast, Cane & Rinse, about the original Xbox .

    Made me nostalgic for that console which ended its life way too soon, just as some games were coming out really showing its power, like Black and Doom 3.

    So wondering if anyone has one lying around that to sell or lend to me? (They're a little pricey on Amazon)


  • You can play some OG Xbox games on the xbox one.

  • I know. I have a ps4 though. Specifically looking to revisit xbox exclusives.
    Oddworld: strangers wrath
    Halo 1 and 2
    Crimson Skies
    Chronicles of Riddick
    Jade empire
    Knights of the old republic
    (fond memories of playing these)

  • PC emulation an option?

  • Not really Mick. I just have a surface pro laptop.

    I like the idea of having the big black box and the S-contoller. Like the good ol days when I got into console gaming (which started with an N64, Xbox and Game Cube. I still have the Cube.)

    The OG Xbox's life ended prematurely just as some really good games came out. The fact the the awesome beautiful looking Oddworld: Strangers Wrath was really its swan-song game was telling...

    I thought I could pick one up easy and cheaply. The games are certainly cheap.

  • I am going to try using the mobile bluetooth controller Ipega 9069, just ordered from amazon.

    Downloaded KTOR, Oddworld (and XCOM) on my android phone. I'll post how it goes.

  • Halo 1 and 2
    Jade Empire
    Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2

    were played to death in my youth. Fond memories.

  • I have one you can have for free. Pretty sure, but not 100%, it's got all the cables but don't have any controllers for some reason.

  • Brilliant!
    Thanks. Will pm you

  • Does anyone still play anything from the battlefield series that ISN'T BF:V? Watching this made me miss 3 a lot, all the great squad play.

    If anyone wants to play some BF:3, BF:4 or BF:1 let me know!

  • I tried some BF4 nostalgia a while back but punkbuster kicked me out of every server within 30 secs of joining.

    Spent 30 mins trying to fix it but no joy.

  • Anyone here stream Twitch/Mixer and the like? I've just started doing it, need some help building a following

  • apparently saying the n word 'ironically' and spouting low energy gateway white supremacist horse shit helps.

  • 3 or 1 then? 3 is better than 4 imo anyway, less emphasis on skins more on game play

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Video Games

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