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  • I just bought the Master Chief Collection for xbone, can't wait for the nostalgia trip. Do people still play online?

  • God of War people, how did you go about getting strong enough to kill the Valkyries? Ive finished the story line and all the side quests I can find, I've taken down a couple of them but the others ruin me. Likewise I'm on the 3rd level of the Muspelheim challenges but don't feel strong enough to do the rest yet. Do I have to start a new game+?

  • i put some tips further back. it's mostly the augments that help by helping you recover your specials as quickly as possible. you need to work out a decent chaining strategy, smash the shit out of something with your chain attacks, then your axe attacks, then your amulet special attack if you have one. you can basically wipe out a major chunk of health with a decent opening combo and then you have to dodge based on their attack patterns/specials until you can repeat.

  • Yep! I have no problem joining a match almost immediately, even if I set really specific matchmaking searches. The mechanics felt so outdated at first, then I remembered how to play (e.g shoot someone in the face with a shotgun and immediately beat them and they'll die; throw grenades jump back and spank someone in the head with a BR and you'll kill them etc) and then it all felt so natural.

  • I may have to get back on this. When I tried a few months ago I was getting no matches for Halo 3 multiplayer. SWAT is where it's at though

  • Google Stadia looks amazing.

    I'd be shitting it if I was Microsoft / Sony / Nintendo...

  • Also announced an in-house game dev studio. Could all go the way of Google+ obvs but sounds pretty fun so far.

  • I mean if they can sort latency to a passable, if not esports ready, level on a title like PUBG then I'm basically sold. I've loved GeForce Now so if Stadia has half of what it promises then I'm excite.

  • It is very cool. interested to know how it performs with online gaming.

  • Microsoft are a fair way along the same route with XCloud. It's going to be a bigger issue for Sony/Nintendo as they don't have all of that underlying cloud infrastructure that Google/MS has.

    I'm surprised Amazon hasn't come out with anything yet, seems ideal for them.

  • Yep - multiplayer is key here I think. Single player I'm in - that transfer of AC from a tablet to a fricken Pixel 3 was pretty sweet.

  • The Style Cloud ML is very very cool too.

  • Agreed - 1st party publishers on their side is and advantage too but the YouTube / social element of Stadia is going to be a massive draw.

  • Google Stadia, I give it two years before it's dropped

  • I imagine they'll introduce Google Arena to compete against it first.

  • Not keen on game streaming platforms myself as I've been a pc gamer and they mostly remove the ability to mod/change games at all. Developers who have made games to stream have also often cut corners knowing the hardware they will use is shared and limiting resources used saves everyone involved but gives a worse experience for the player, examples I can think of are caps on numbers of units on screen or short draw distances both of which you can notice as a player. The main thing that has been holding game streaming back has been poor internet connections or poor wifi once in the home not so much in bandwidth but lag/delay but both of those aren't as bad now.

    That said I've been viewing fortnite and other games as the demise of gaming I enjoyed. Someone could put out a controller+box and make it designed to only ever play what instagram deemed the most popular game or be turned off and many would be fine with that.

  • Lol


    ... Google....

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is out this week.
    Will be getting this, should be a doddle
    Though DS vets may need to retrain some well established techniques as the great VaatiVidya points out

  • Really!
    I was watching some gameplay videos a couple of months back and put it on my list of games to buy when they get under £30

  • I was watching some gameplay videos

    Yes I've watched a few. It does look gorgeous

  • Got this on preorder, trying really hard to not watch any videos

  • pre-ordered, pre-installed, tempted to pull a sicky on Friday.

  • Head over to Ebuyer today and you'll find a trio of Samsung 860 EVO SSD deals with a significant chunk of money off - plus you get a free copy of The Division 2 thrown in for good measure too!

    Starting at the lower end you can get a 500GB drive for just £85, while you'll be looking at handing over £145 to jump up to the 1TB version.. for the 2TB Samsung 860 EVO for £290.

  • If anyone wants a free gamecube...­89/

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Video Games

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