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  • Power armor makes it boring

    No power armour + luring super tough enemies in to well defended settlements FTW.

  • Hello all.

    I am shit at computer games, but quite liked the original Halo and puzzle type games.

    I have a surface pro 3. I think I have steam account.

    Can someone recommend me a really fun, not too difficult game that will run well on my SP3?

  • The other thing is that the Power Armor actually restricted your view a little, and a lots less agile.

    That alone make a big difference in wanting to wander without a PA.

  • Another option is Half Life 2 if you haven't played it.

    And lastly the best most fun games I've ever played; Portal and Portal 2.

    It got a nice story element in it, especially P2.

  • Dead Space maybe

  • WoW. Great for casual gaming and oh so easy to pick up and put down - ideal for the busy working dad.

  • Started playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC last night. It's visually stunning, way better than the Xbone (which was good to start with). I think it's still a clone of Uncharted, but definitely enjoyable and there's not many games in this field. Worth the $38 I paid for it. Recommended A+++++++ video game. Would game again.

  • My boss just came out of hospital after a nasty stomach ulcer decided to rupture... At lunchtime I told her to go home and put her feet up for the rest of the day cuz it was her first day back...

    She starred getting her stuff together, I asked her what she was gonna do to relax... "World of Warcraft, I've found a really cool, free European server that's got old skool WoW on it... And DayZ, I love that game!"

    Not bad for a single mum in her late-40s...

  • Completed it yesterday, really enjoyed it. Think the next one's going to be in Mexico, which should be beautiful too.

  • And DayZ

    Get her the feck in here

  • This.
    We just found a fully functioning off road car.
    They can get a fair bit of speed up.
    It didn't end well.

  • I love the irony of Uncharted copying Tomb Raider, then Tomb Raider copying Uncharted. It'll be interesting to see how U4 fares... Can't wait to play Rise.

  • This should definitely be Blizz's tag line for whatever the next expansion is.

  • for sure. TR started it all, but Uncharted is the redefinition of the genre.

    You will enjoy Rise, and I'm hoping U4 ups it again. However, U4 is the end of Uncharted. I can see us playing TR on quantum computers in full immersion VR

  • It's what the 14yro photoben playing TR2 for the first time would have wanted.

  • Uncharted's level design has always been very linear though. The Tomb Raider reboots have taken a completely different approach with their relatively open and revisited locations. Makes a huge difference if you're taking a patient approach to the game and exploring as you go along.

    Like the previous game, nearing the end (presumably) I'm finding that my diligent approach to finding all the shit means that I've badassed all the weapons/skills etc. and it's not particularly challenging. That's having played through on harder difficulty with all the glowy helpy crap turned off.


  • I played U3 and found it visually lovely but incredibly linear with very easy puzzles. Might play U4, but not exactly excited about it.

    TR I certainly used the glowy helpy- only get the odd hour or two these days to play and don't need to play for months to get the money's worth. In the original games, used to do them pistols only without using medipacks as I couldn't afford new games. Very much fuck that shit.

  • I'll point her to your thread... 😬

  • Dark Maus on Steam­/
    for all you Dark Souls fans

    Prepare to die...

  • WHats going on?

  • Found a legendary Deathclaw, wasn't hard. Plasma grenades may be over powered.

    The hardest part was the regular DC and few radscorpion s that joined in.

  • what difficulty are you on?

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Video Games

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