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  • My sniper rifle is just silly.

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  • Should I buy the house in Diamond City? Given that I can build a whole settlement it seems a bit of an odd thing to do...

  • If you've got the cash, why not?

  • I have a little over 2k and I'm not so sure what the point of having it is...

  • so you don't have to live with the povvos

  • I'd save that for other stuff, wait until your loaded.

  • some merchants sell legendary kit but a lot of it is not cheap. recommend getting the perk to help you find ammo as you will amass a shit ton of certain calibers which you can then sell off for mad caps.

  • It's all about the pre-war money and ammo markets.

  • I tried to find some way to obtain it for free (like the house in Megaton) but alias, I can't.

    It's useful to have a house there.

  • some merchants sell legendary kit but a lot of it is not cheap.

    Spray'n'Pray FTW (from Cricket, a merchant).

  • Just completing the "Old Guns" mission where you get into the armoury (sorry if that's a spoiler but everyone on here seems to be days ahead of me) - does anyone actually use mines, I've not yet found any use at all for them given I can usually pick a gun that does the job OK?

    Also not needed to use power armour once yet - parked it up for fear of not being able to find flux capacitor cores or whatever it is that they run off.

  • I've got a row of power armours at Sanctuary... Just lined up in a row looking pretty.
    I wander round in the armour you find at the end of 'Old Guns', think I look pretty rad

  • Lots of seller sell fusion core, if you're against the BoS, then their corpse have power armour (as well as sentry bolt usually have two).

    If you find an old power armour, you can fast travel it back home and take off the core to use on your favourite armour.

    (never used mine here, although they were useful in Fallout 3/NV).

  • OK cheers guys. I found a suit near Sanctuary and parked it up at home. I'm with the BoS just because they all walk around in PA suits. I still think they're a bunch of idiots but they gave me a free suit!

  • BTW, the jet pack is seriously AWESOME (used up your AP like there's no tomorrow tho).

  • The T-60 is the best suit you can get early on in the games, especially the BoS with their painted suit that provided additional Strength.

  • I've got one suit I upgrade and never use, t-60 arms and x-01 rest I think, all fully upgraded, have a piezo electric torso that would probably be good for when I head to the glowing sea but it's base stats are loads lower that the x-01 torso.

  • If you are parking a suit of Power Armour, pull the core and it can't get jacked if the settlement gets jacked.

  • ^ required behaviour but makes getting in and out of the fucking thing a right pain in the arse as you need to enter the suit twice because the first time you only shove a power core in and dont fucking put it on.

  • Does that actually happen? I've had the occassional raid at distant ones butnothign happened apart from me killing the raiders.

  • I've only had a settlement raided twice I think, once I went and capped everyone, the other time I missed it and I guess they killed the 2 people I don't care about that lived there.

  • Yeah the raids are really rare... and I find often from one direction (had multiple attacks on one settlement and always from the same direction. Beefed up security at that point and bobs your uncle...
    I keep all the power armours fusion core free, but when I go to get into them its just a case of whacking a core in and climbing in? They just look pretty bad ass lined up in their shack

  • Best solution j found is to never go to Pearson to complete the mission.

    After that, raiding is less frequency (especially at Finch fucking Farm).

  • I usually sell them but occasionally they are useful. Just found the tunnels under the castleand there's a tough cunt down there with a very high rate of fire weapon, anyway it's very hard to be out of cover around this thing so even in VATS I could only get a shot off before having to dive behind a wall. So, I threw a trail of mines down and ran away, thing follows me and gets blown to absolute fuck.

    Also dat top of the page sniper!

  • It far too good, a critical 3x sneak hit on a limb kills anything.

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Video Games

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