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  • Hmm, I'll go back...

  • Yeah, that bit was pretty cool.

  • lol.

  • For those who took the Castle, build the wall up, using concretes if possible (easier way to merged with the original wall), and increase the defense on both side.

    You'll be thankful when the time come, I know I did.

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  • And why the fuck is a boat doing inside a hut in the elevated second of Diamond City??

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  • Whole thread TL;DR has anyone else gone and done the humble bundle for the SNK games? If you pay $40 you get a Metal Slug t-shirt. They're mostly mac/win/linux but a couple are steam/win only. All appear to be a frontend mame emu, so you effectively paying for legal copies of the roms and bios in the packages.

    Anyway, bought it and had to switch to WinXP mode to get them running without lag.

  • I like the T-Shirt not sure I care about the games.

  • $40 is about £30, the shop price for a trendy tshirt, I guess?

    Still, I love Metal Slug, so I'm happy I actually 'own' it now.

  • whole thread tldr does not compute

  • ^ All very true. Been an age since I posted on here. Recent movements have been to sell MGSV on because it was shite and buy Fallout 4 - muuuuuch better game :-)

    Currently about 20hrs in? Just taken the fort and been hammering the Cambridge Police Station missions to get quick XP.

  • i dont get a single one of those jokes. i for one can't wait for people to start bitching about FO the same way they did about MGS.

  • Those jokes were bitching about fallout 4.

  • @greenhell quit yer bitching and get back to farming your lootz you

  • waiting for a new D3 patch. gone back to borderlands. which looks a lot like fallout, with 100% less kevin mcloud.

  • I've not played Fallout in weeks now, been playing Steel Ocean instead.

  • Found a white PS3 pad cheap in a local cash generator shop, cleaned up quite okay, but not perfect. Probably had a hard life. Running the drivers to trick the xbox 360 s/w into thinking it's a 360 pad, working fine for those snk games so far as a wired pad.

  • Any suggestions for 2 player PC games? Most stuff nowadays seems to be online play for multiplay.

  • Niddhogg. All you need.

  • Street fighter maybe?

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Video Games

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