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  • EA (spit spit) are giving away Ultima 8 at the moment on Origin...

  • Just bought Dead Space 2 on Steam so as to have one less reason to install Origin. Zero fucks given

  • Where are the Orcs and Space Marines?

  • That's 40k, you still get orks tho. Skaven will be cool.­IUI

  • subway.

  • That's 40k, you still get orks tho.

    I know. I still remember Traveller and Thrud when White Dwarf wasn't just a blatant advert for GW games.

  • GW is awful now, they went to release rules that make senarios harder to play with smaller armies to really push the mega army boxes. It helps all the models went plastic and a little cheaper but the idea of fitting an army into a single case and going anywhere to play is dying. I think they stopped bloodbowl being played on shop tables as it went to special/rare games and GW are killing it, they might revive it again tho as the pc games aren't going away. A fair few of the players I knew who went daily/weekly to a shop and spent crazy money there would play bloodbowl as it was easy to carry for a quick game, if they got a day off they would bring a big army in.

  • @ edscoble
    re XboxOne playing 360 games. I got the impression (I don't know where from) this would only happen on 'new machines', ie.e. not the ones in the shops now.

    Does anyone know any differently?

    As an aside I got Forza 5 bundled with mine - I've never bothered with driving/racing games before but am really enjoying it. Unfortunately no one likes the designs of my cars so hasn't downloaded them despite them being the best.

  • Oh yeah and on Forza 5 Spencey and Soul can f**k off as their Drivertards keep beating me :(

  • It's on all Xbox One's.

    I have a "day one edition" and am part of the preview / developer build. I can access all of the current backwards compatible games available under preview and play them without issue.

  • Is this 360 compatibility a case of if you have the discs you can play your games. I still have a metric fuck ton of games from the 360 that aren't worth trading. I could replay em.

  • No it's the DLC games that will be playable, which make sense considering you're using the same account as you did on the 360.

  • It's both.

    If you have the discs, you insert them and a download of the game starts (you then need to have the disc in the drive when you play it). For games you've purchased digitally, they show up at the end of your "my games & apps section" for you to download.

  • Oh ace ! and thanks for taking the comment in the way it was intended! :)

  • Haters gonna hate. :)

  • Also, worth pointing out that the way to be quicker on Forza is to turn off all the drivings aids. ABS, Traction Control etc etc all slow the lap times down.

    Learn to drive without them and you'll be much, much faster.

  • Kicked off my new Skyrim save last night, Dark Elf mage. Thoroughly enjoyed playing it, though I am TERRIBLE. Too long since I've played a serious non-nintendo game

  • One day there might be a video game version, but until then, check out my cycling card game on Kickstarter I've done with @benjam­ackthepack/attack-the-pack-the-cycling-c­ard-game

  • I tried that I just crashed all the time. But I'll give it another try (I think I switched everything off at once includign the line on the track whch may have been too much at once)

  • So taking a day off work before massive amount of work for the next two weeks. Playing Watch Dogs. There's a mission in which you need to do the online hacking stuff with another player. Generally I'm not a huge online fan, but this was super cool. Dropping into another player's single player game without them knowing, hacking them, and then watching them run around desperately looking for you. Really pretty cool.

  • Everyone has decided making games is hard work so they will just release controllers instead.

  • Hey there... Kind of desperate request for advice. I've had my laptop stolen in Florida over the weeekend and return to the UK next Tuesday. I need to have a new machine sorted for when I get back to the country for work. I've got a budget of about 900 quid and want a decent gaming machine that I can use for general work bullshit of office/photoshop/illustrator/premier/abl­eton. I haven't bought a laptop for 5 years and feel totally out of touch with the state of the technology and due to being out here working I haven't got any time to sort the research. What's good kicking around in my price bracket? Any advice hugely appreciated humans!

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Video Games

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