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  • Is there anywhere in central or south London with a particularly decent selection to try on? My old Giro needs replacing. The easy thing to do is just get the exact same helmet again but I fancy seeing what my options are!

  • Scott Centric Plus comes in a nice metallic purple, too bad the fit wasn't for me. There's also a Met Rivale in a really vibrant red, looks lovely in person.

  • I have a Livestrong Giro anyone can have for cost the of postage. Used two or three times. Sitting in a closet for a few years. I’m in Winnipeg Canada.

  • Thanks for that, like that. Seen the Abus AirBreaker too, just need some my size and try them

  • I’ve a bontrager aero lid at the moment, but I’ve always found it uncomfortable, so want to get something else.

    Have generally found Giro to work well, starting way back with the Ionos and atmos (blast from the past), and had a Bell something that was great.

    Want something reasonably light, general purpose and in the “just over £100” bracket - maybe the Kask Mohito 3?

    Any views? Seems like a vanilla choice for the (club cycling) masses

  • Just picked up a Mojito 3 to replace my original Mojito and first impressions are positive. But, I’ve got a large and very round Asian head, and Kask seem to be the only brand that fit me properly (have also recently tried the POC Octal, Bell Zephyr and various Giros, all of which were too tight on the sides. I don’t know if people with more oval heads find that Kasks are a bit too round?

  • Also have a large Asian head. Did like ksk but have found Lazer to be a better fit. Also goes slightly larger. Found I was at the extreme end of a mask protone. Wouldnt fit of my hair was a bit longer. Mojito was ok but really happy with the Lazer sphere.

  • I’ve ordered up a mojito, will see how it fits. Sadly the choice was made by the very light blue colour, a change from black or white, but won’t clash with other colours

  • Just brought one of these and they are top notch!

    Fit is great and can’t beat the value.

  • Kask mohito showed up today. It’s supposedly medium (and labelled as such) which is up to 58cm. But it’s tiny - it looks like a toy helmet - it’s not remotely close to getting it on to my always-medium-since-forever and 57cm measuring head.

    Guess it’s mislabelled, or are Kask known for odd sizing ?

  • Specialized helmets dont fit me, i figure I have a wide, round (as seen from above) head rather than a narrow long one. Any helmet brands that fit that shape well?

  • Giro and kask

  • Went with the Kask in the end - tried another medium and it fitted fine. I think the adjuster on the first one was either broken or just very stiff so wasn’t opening fully.

    Anyway used it for a couple of hours this morning and it gets the highest praise you can give a helmet - it was totally forgettable both with a merino hat underneath and without

  • I have a kask protone that I bought when it was launched in 2017 or something, never crashed or dropped, I have a big trip coming up, do I 'have' to replace the helmet as its old now?

  • I would, just because the chin strap piece seems to disintegrate after a few years.... Shame they aren't replaceable.

  • Fair enough, @cake tells me I must buy Lazer Z1

  • Anyone got any suggestions for a helmet that suits us smaller headed folk?
    Currently got a Kask mojito but its still a bit big and mushroom looking on my head

  • My Mrs has got a pea head and likes her Giro Aether

  • Thanks @PhilDAS will go and find one to try on

  • People who have a Kask shaped head, this Van Rysel fits very similar, lighter and for me gives me more exposed forehead to wipe sweat

    Gutted my size was not available in gold, its really good!

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Helmets & Helmet Suggestions

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