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  • I like the look of the new Scott Centric Plus helmet, well vented, MIPS, 220g, supposedly aero and £150 which is starting to look reasonable these days for a ‘pro level’ helmet. I don’t think it’s widely available yet though. It’s not that attractive but not horrendous IMO.

  • I have a Croix SE and a wide heid and find it a good fit. Better than my 2 Kask helmets anyway.

  • I think that’s the old model, and my head is way too big for a small!

  • When you say an old skool helmet, how old skool do you mean? Ekoi Legende looks almost like a leather helmet. I like their helmets a lot in general.

  • I have a ekoi corsa, it’s very low profile and the magnetic strap thing is cool, but...
    It’s really thin and I would put it in the plastic hat territory, rather than something to protect the head.

  • I have another one, an ar13 I think, it is low profile, but not hugely more than the kask vertigo I had before. They all meet the EU standard so aren't they all basically as good as one another until you add MIPS? That is what I was hoping!

  • I'm looking at the latest ar15. The shell thing is a cool idea, except that the shell weights as much as a helmet, so during winter you will be carrying around 0.5kg on top of your head: https://racing.ekoi.com/en/les-modeles-c­asques/10543-casque-ekoi-ar15-ltd-noir.h­tml

  • This one doesn't look too bad: https://www.wiggle.co.uk/giro-synthe-hel­met-mips

    I guess after looking at these road racing helmets a lot I am getting used to them. It's a case of form follows function. Is the MIPS technology worth it? How do you keep your head warm when it is cold out there and you're wearing these super ventilated helmets?

  • MIPS does a lot to protect your head when it hits the ground. At the cost of ~30g I'd say it's worth it.

    Normally I find a buff pulled up over my ears does enough to keep my head warm if I'm riding. Caveat: I do have very thick hair.

  • I've been reading about MIPS and it sounds like it is worth it.
    I have a shaved head and I fear these road helmets might not be the best for me.
    Anyway I'm torn between the Giro Synthe (MIPS) and Kask Protone (no MIPs but I guess it is a good helmet).

  • Go with whichever fits better. The difference between a good fitting helmet and a bad one is more than MIPS will make. Also, if you're shaved then you already have that slip plane that MIPS adds ;)

  • Cycling cap, or Belgian cap in the depths of winter. Bonus points for peak if it's pissing down

  • Anyone recommend a helmet brand that is good for long, narrow heads? My old Kask helmet was "ok", but would still wobble on the sides somewhat. Now i need a new one, and the shops here in Finland are all usually one-brand and their stock usually poor, so I might need to buy online.

    EDIT: Should mention padding adjustments don't really go far enough typically. My head be weird.

    Would like to keep price under €150.

  • narrow head = giro, specialized
    wide head = kask, lazer

  • Me and my team have used Bell Z20s for the last few years and we've never had a complaint about the fit. I'm pretty sure that we don't all have the same shape heads too, which leads me to believe that the helmet shape is pretty universal.

    The model below - Stratus - has a similar fit too.

  • I have a narrow head and my Kask Mojito fits really well?

  • That's the one I had previously, and it did fit better than others I tried on, but still had too much space at the sides. I've heard them elsewhere as being good for narrow heads, so not sure where that comes from.

  • fuck you then

    @roboto are bell more kask shaped or giro?

  • Don't think I've ever owned a Kask. I did have a Giro Synthe before moving to Bell and that seemed to give the not so great mushroom head fit for me.

    The Z20 is nice and it has been a blessing for me to have an item for the team that fits everyone without any issues - a problem that has happened on several other items we've been asked to use as a team before. The aero version is my particular favourite, but the open version is awesome for summer rides.

  • Amey is more of a Limar guy

  • What was the really cheap 40 quid effort from Specialized?

  • I have a large narrow-ish head. Giro and Kask have always felt sloppy. Helmets I've found to fit well include Lazer Blade, Scott Centric and Spec Echelon (Old model). POC are OK, but still a bit wider. Bell have seemed OK when I've tried them on but never owned one.

  • Weird, I got the impression Laser were for wide heads? It seems Laser totally dominate the market here in finland, most bike shops seem to seem to sell almost exclusively Laser helmets. with a few very expensive Giro options and super cheap unknown brands. I shall have to try some on.

  • Lazer = Shimano, innit.

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Helmets & Helmet Suggestions

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