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  • My head hurts.....anyone suggest a decent helmet?

  • depends on the shape of the head..mines big and round. only ones that suit my bonce is the giro ionos and the giro atmos... i'm looking too so be good to see whats out there.

  • 'Have you got a helmet?'

    'I've got a beauty!'

  • I like my Giro Monza. Fit's my massive melon just fine.

  • I've got a Giro Monza which is alright, not too bulky with decent enough airflow. the black one is currently on sale on the evans website for £30. I'd recommend going into a store to get your size checked and then ordering online if it's cheaper - best not to buy online blind as every make seems to have a different fit and you don't want it falling off!

  • i have a selev matrix and i like it.

  • i have a selev matrix and i like it.

    looks like this...

    which cant be a bad thing

  • That's so uncanny, I wonder if it was deliberate (or subconcious)...

    (But if they were going to share lexis with a film, they should've called it the Selev Predator, obviously.)

  • haha yeah i see what you mean...

    a bit like those old specialized helmets that had little teeth in the front vent.

  • saw the chris hoy on a thread on here recently whats the brand?

  • casco.

  • I gots me one of these

    the adjustment in on the top and really holds your head. They aren't too big externally so look OK(ish)

  • the lazer solid... cheap shop reccomendation... or somewhere i can try one on?

  • smeear caps are invincible - well that's what i'm told

  • Bling bling Specialized 2D. Got it at trade cos shop sold me a Decibel by mail order they didn't actually have in stock. £60 = bargain.

  • My current lid dates from 2002, so it needs replacing.
    Plus I hate it and never wear it, so a new one might make me slightly safer.

    If I wear it of course.

    Anyway- the question is this: Size.

    I've tried on both a small and a medium Specialized S-Works 2D.

    The small one seemingly fits really well- with the adjustment straps/band loose it seems to fit perfectly on my head.
    I can nod, shake my head etc and it just sits in place.

    The Medium moves around with the straps/band loose, but then sits well when they are tightened up.

    Now my quandary is this- I have tried both of these on in the shop, on my lunch break.
    So I was not exactly exerting myself.

    Should I get the medium, with a bit of room for head expansion when hot/longer hair (currently sporting a "This is England" haircut), or the small one and keep shaving my head?

  • get the one you're more likely to wear.

  • get the bigger one and don't commit to one hair style for the rest of your life.

  • How thick is your hair? I have fine hair that probably adds about 2mm to my head diameter.
    Also the soft pads in the helmet will probably get squished as you use it.

  • Grade two, "thug-lite" if you will.

    The hair that is.

    The old lid was/is a medium, and I have always thought that the reason it gave me headaches is because I had to have the straps/band very tight to keep it in place.

    But then I might be wrong, and should get a helmet that can move around slightly.

    I do not know, hence the question!

  • try more lids on. different makes fit different shaped heads, i used to wear giro's either S/M or M/L but now buy Bell in medium as they fit my bonce perfectly and i like the tension adjustment at the back.

  • I'm close to comleting my first fixed gear bike. I live in Sydney and unlike the UK you have to wear a helmet cycling on the road by law or you get fined. The cops are on to it.
    I have a couple of Moutain bike helmets but they will look ridicluous on the new bike?
    Does anyone know of a reasonably cool looking road helmet, do they actually exist?


  • See the search bit at the top? Type "helmet" in there and all your prayers will be answered.
    Love you x

  • Try one that fits your head, but make sure it's compatible with a reverse shim, for fixed gear use.

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Helmets & Helmet Suggestions

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