2009-10-02 - Rider Down, Mare St

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  • Early this morning with the junction of Morning Lane....... Unfortunately it looked like the girl didn't survive :(

    There was no other vehicles around (only an ambulance and police car)

  • Shit, shit, no...

    what details do you have? what makes you think she didn't survive?

  • It was at about 4 this morning and there was a sheet over the body and a LOT of blood.

  • 4am? Fucking hell. RIP.

  • Dave, please post the exact location and description- of the bike, direction, etc.
    aren't there roadworks going on at that junction at the moment?

  • bad news.

  • As I said in the first post. It was on Mare st with the junction of Morning Lane. North direction.

    No description of bike as i was passing in a taxi and it was dark.

  • :( About a minutes walk from me. I'll pop down and ask about

  • Shit! :-(

    How do you know it was a girl if the sheet was over the body? Tell from the bike?

  • My mate saw the girls clothing. (he was sat in the front)

  • I really do hope I'm wrong about the fatality............. :(

  • :-(

    bad bad bad. crossing fingers and things.

  • Oh my God.

    Let's wait for more or less official reports to come in.

    That stretch suffers from speeding at night, and I hope it wasn't a hit-and-run.

  • ^^late night speeders are just what I was thinking...

  • here's hoping it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

  • I think you've got to be really, really careful on a fri or sat night, carefully picking your roads.

  • I went past there at about 10 this morning and there were no police fatal accident signs or anything. It would suck if there was another fatality on Morning Lane, there's already ghost bike about 100 metres further up opposite the Tescos car park.

  • we should wait for confirmation.

  • Any news?

  • Only just seen this. Fingers crossed.

  • There have been 2 accidents - 2005 & 2006 - at that junction - the second being fatal both HGV

    There was a accident there on the 28th - stolen car in a nasty crash. but no fatalities and no record of a cyclist involved. as yet!

  • Shit. I missed this too. Hopefully the lack of a confirmation is good news...

    crossing fingers.

  • Someone else spotted it


    Yes hopefully no news is good news...........

  • Nothing in the Gazette yesterday, so hopefully it wasn't a fatality!

  • :S

    still no news.

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2009-10-02 - Rider Down, Mare St

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