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  • I need to know the name of the track on a trailer for a new french film called Un prophete.
    Click the link, let the first .mov load, and tell us the track that comes in around the 1'30" mark.
    You got about 15" of it...

  • I think it could be 'Corner In My Room' by Turner Cody...

    ... it's on the OST, and Cody's often labelled as Dylanesque.

  • great film, watched it the other day

  • That ain't no Dylan song I ever heard of...

  • I'm right. Je suis un prophète (de sortes).

  • Nice one BMMF.
    And apologies for getting the Dylan ref. wrong.
    Sounds a little like him though.
    @ Murts - film of the year! (where d'ya see it?)

  • pm'd

  • ... it's on the OST, ...

    Oh dear STB, you fail.

  • Up yours Skully - you great southern nonce!!!

  • You abuse me after failing to listen to the OST for a track you're after?

    Nonce yourself. And I'm born in Northampton, which means, technically, I'm not a southerner. You tory bedwetter.

  • @ Murts - film of the year! (where d'ya see it?)

    I'd like to know too please. :(

  • @ Skully
    Ha ha ha...
    Sarf tha river though int cha

    No wools... wait til Jan 10th.
    Deserves to be seen in the cinema!!

  • I was a disco hit in the late 1970s, cooked up and developed one New Year's Eve according to disco legend. One of my writers later went on to become a heavyweight hitmaker of the 1980s, producing for acts as diverse as David Bowie and Duran Duran. The working title of my song was originally "Fuck off!". The reason why I came about was due to the producers of the track being turned away from studio 54's New Year's Eve party because they weren't "disco enough". The producers then walked off in disgust and went to the studio to relieve some annoyance, shouting the aforementioned swear phrase as they played..

    name that tune.

  • Oh god I know this...

  • Oh, I seeeee...

  • Go on then...

  • Le Freak?

  • Techno (could be electro for all I can remember) tune starts with HG Wells War of the Worlds sample (pitched down a bit, of course)

    **"No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater" and some trippy synth pads.. **

    I know I own it but can't for the life of me recall what it is or any other details..


  • i remember that. no idea who it's by though (apart from the original Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds)

  • Matey and I were racking our brains last night trying to find and or ID it. Argh doing my head in.

  • hey baba...


    hardcore classic forever autumn[/ame]

  • It's definitely not happy hardcore.

  • shite!

  • I know...;D pmsl!!!!!

  • Get out of my thread.

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Name That Tune / Song ID / Track ID

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