Prescription Sunglasses

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  • Ta. Still keeping options for the missus. I think she's more comfortable using contacts with clear glasses over them now but prescrip glasses might be better for longer rides where contacts get a bit 'meh' or off-road where you don't want crap in your eyes.

  • My other half went with contacts and a pair of Rudy’s, but unlike her I can’t bear touching my eyes so contacts were a no-no.

    I’m chuffed with the Jawbreakers as they have a massive area for the prescription part of the lens; it helps me spot when she’s about to jump me for the town sign sprint!

  • Maybe I don't want to give my other half that kind of advantage... hmm... :D

  • Lost my cheap Chinese prescription lensed raybans, and got my local opticians to make up some lenses for the same rayban’s I brought cheap off eBay.
    Cost £70 for the lenses and I think I paid £35 for the rayban sunglasses off eBay.
    I’m spending more getting some clear prescription inserts for two pairs of bolle’s that I’ll use for long distance rides..

  • I have these and they are awesome; inserts can fuck off

  • I bought some fake pocs from aliexpress and they came with some corrective inserts
    A kind of small pair of glasses that clip into the real sunnies.

    For £30 I got some prescription lenses for the inserts and so for about £45 I was set

    They lasted about 3 years before the insert cracked

    Not a terrible option

  • How's the visibility if you're pretty tucked down? I find myself overstretching my neck just because I'm looking straight at the frame of my glasses or over it.

  • It’s pretty good. I’ve got quite a daft/aggressive saddle-to-bar drop and I can still see where I’m going when I’m in the drops. It’s not like I’m rocking a pair of Dennis Taylor’s but it’s enough that I let gravity help as much as possible on the descents.

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Prescription Sunglasses

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