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  • This deserves it's own thread. we should get signatures in the 1,000s not 100s.


    It takes minutes but could actually make a change - take time out from the baby blue bargain, west londons polo greatness and hilarys fancy new forks and hit the link

    [from the rider down thread]

    Hi All
    After what happened to Chrystelle on Wednesday, my sister and I have decided we may not be able to change the cycling world, but we can try and stop any other cyclists being in danger at that junction. We have arranged a petition to try and get the road layout changed and the road widened to make it safer for all traffic. I have included the link, please please please help us to change this horrible crossroads.
    Chrystelle was an experienced and proud cyclist and we cannot begin to understand how this happened.

    Thank you again, and stay safe

    Kat Hawes


  • Is there a chance to lock this thread, as the excessive comments can take the attention away from the first post?

  • MMM good idea. i'll ask our leader

    EDIT - Can't find it but it doesn't hurt posting as it keeps it to the top of the post view

  • signed, facebooked, twittered etc... everyone should do the same.

  • MMM good idea. i'll ask our leader

    EDIT - Can't find it but it doesn't hurt posting as it keeps it to the top of the post view

    make it a sticky for a while

  • Done - Almost 600 signatures

  • 600th signature - tweeted.

  • managed to bump it to around 700 from putting it on various forums, lets get this out there guys.

  • 725

  • 737 and facebooked.

  • signed.

  • Greasy if you 'close' the thread in thread tools, it means that no-one else can post to it, but the thread is still readable etc.

    heads off to sign petition

  • Yeah but bumping it is good.

  • humpty dump

  • bumping for jamaica

  • im 769. bump

  • 773.

  • signed.

  • done, and will forward.

  • I've signed it and also emailed the editor of the East London Advertiser (Malcolm.starbrook@archant.co.uk) about it.

  • hi, i am a walker and not a cyclist, but i live and pass that junction every morning. i passed at 7.30am on the day chrystelle lost her life, i saw the remains of the stuff the paramedics had used, i saw the police cordoning off the road and redirecting traffic. it brought a lump to my throat, i realised that some one, some where was going to get a call that would change their lives forever. RIP Chrystelle.

    That stretch of road is a death trap, there are always 'incidents' and i am talking about THAT corner, the left hand turn out of Vallance Road.
    The original corner had a public toilet, with iron railings, about 2-3 years ago, it was converted into a restaurant, if you google that area it shows as a 'silver tube' it badly restricted the view, however, do you rember a National Express Coach that was travelling from liverpool street sttion at 3am ploughed straight into it, killing the driver and demolishing the 'silver tube' no one ever did explain why that one happened. anyway the council put up a temporay fence, again two years ago, and it has been there ever since. another fact about that stretch it is where whitechapel street market starts, and that time of the morning they are setting up and unloading the vans, so i have seen cyclists have to swerve to avoid the vans, doors opening etc. i will sign the petition, but maybe approach George Galloway, i don't agree with his politics, but he is the MP, and he does get involved, and he would know that area well.

    1. Come on people!!
  • 793

    1. Takes 1 minute, do it.
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Urgent Petition - Sign it now!

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