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  • An image of this one’s counterpart folded into it’s travel suitcase.

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  • Cool one!
    Here's my commuter. Mostly stock, replaced grips, shifter and brake pads, and added some stickers.

  • That is some inheritance!
    I've been drooling over bike fridays since they launched that new bikepacking bike.

  • You can imagine my shock, when they said: “We have these two bikes that go into suitcases. They’ve been sitting in their cases for years, and we can’t use them any more. Do you want them?”

    Indeed a great gift, from very good folks.

  • @dadbike Quite a catch! I have the wrong neighbours

    Here is my slightly modified Tern

    and on tour leaning on the Birdy of my girlfriend

  • Very nice bikes. The tern looks great in drop bar touring mode.

    My wife and I are likely traveling with our Bike Fridays for a few days this weekend. Looking forward to arriving at the hotel, reassembling, and having fun and easy transportation around the city.

  • A neighbour on the street WhatsApp is clearing their garage and have offered an old rusty folder.
    If anyone's interested pm me and I'll see if still available and can hold it for a bit for you.

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  • In Beckenham I should have added

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  • Wow that Tern is lush!

  • First air travel with our Bike Fridays. Easier and cheaper than travel with full size bikes for sure. Timed myself at an easy 7 minutes for re-packing the bike this afternoon. I’m a folding bike travel convert.

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  • Bloody lovely! I've always fancied a Bike Friday, love the whole packable suitcase trailer thing -It's nice to see them in their natural habitat

  • so fucking jealous, I really want their new bike but importing to UK will cost a bomb :(

  • Loving the photos of bikes in suitcases! Here’s my Dahomey Speed Pro TT coming back from Croatia!

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  • I checked, and I could buy a return ticket from Denmark to Eugene, OR for the price of the customs charges.

  • Thanks, All. I’m really excited about folding bike travel now, after how easy and great this trip was.

    The new BF All Packa looks so great, and has a few features that I’d like over my Pocket Llama, but hard to justify when the primary difference is only a fraction of an inch of tire clearance. I’ve successfully ridden mine in singletrack, and gravel trail without issue. The other bonus is the rim brakes on the Llama for ease of packing. I don’t really want to worry about knocking rotors around in the case or having to remove them each time.

    @amey , It may be worth the trip to Eugene if you’re serious about it. Cool little town and great riding around there.

    @Muppetteer That’s a great photo.

  • Going to be using the bike to work scheme but I need a folder because the train won't allow anything else during peak times.

    Is Brompton really the only practical folding bike that can go under my desk at work without arsing about with the awkward centre folding or are there others you'd recommend? I rarely buy into hype/style over substance, and am trying to avoid that. But in this case Brompton seems to be the only design that would be practical.

  • I didn’t believe the hype and resisted a Brompton for years, now having got one…
    …the hype is the truth.
    My advice is;
    Don’t get a 6 speed
    Get a clip on bag for the front
    Take a bag to put the bike in for the train, even if you don’t use it. The one time you don’t it’ll rain and you’ll get Mr Jobsworth telling you to get off the train.
    Don’t pimp it!

    Also remember it’s a way to get a bike on a train, not a lifestyle (sorrynotsorry)

  • Just agreed to buy one used. £400. Save £224 compared to bike scheme. Get to own it outright so no uncertainty over future law changes or whatever. It is about 20 years old but in good condition and should be fine.

    I was apprehensive about the whole rent the bike on Cyclescheme to be fair. I like hacking and upgrading my bikes and felt a bit awkward about doing it on one I technically don't own yet.

  • My Bike Friday in drop bar mode

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  • @Vaang what's the front rack on your tern please?

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Folding Bikes

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