Daily Mail in cycling shocker!

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  • This is the Daily Wail we're talking about here... I have to share a building with the ingrates! Loved the map on the page though, they'd gone all out with that

  • Pedal power: Cities that are geared up for cycling are attracting an ever increasing number of buyers.

    Cycling veterans want cycling to be put at heart of city transport decisions
    Increasing number of new homes being fitted with cycling racks.

    ..Cycling groups also praise Oxford, York, Exeter, Norwich and Manchester for their dedicated lanes and parking.


  • https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/­2018/12/how-prejudice-against-cyclists-c­an-make-normal-people-go-mad-.html

    Here, I must say that the fact that I am English kicked in. In a contest of principle between a single unprotected cyclist, aged 67, and a 15-ton bus and a group of aggressive irrational passengers, or between a single individual and what looked like becoming a maddened mob led by a person temporarily bereft of his reason, there was no question what I had to do. I had to stand up for myself.

  • Peter Hitchens has always been good on cycling. There's a good article somewhere about his opposition to mandatory helmet laws.

  • Wankers. They're quietly correct that headline in an hour or so.

  • What these figures actually show is that more Dutch cyclists are being
    killed than motorists. In the Mail's world by 'being killed' cyclists
    are 'killing people'.


  • It took them 4 days to notice I expect.

    Someone leaked the Evening Standard news matrix grid. Basically the stories that provoke a reaction and precious clicks:

    The Standard shares offices and journalists with The Mail. They know perfectly well what they're doing.

  • Just received some King Cages from one of the smaller online bike shops. Came wrapped in pages of the Daily Mail, ensuring i never buy anything from them ever again

  • Cycling (accessories) in Daily Mail thread >>>>>>>>>>>

  • Incorrect... The Standard share a building with The Mail... not offices... I don't think that's true about hacks either... maybe on a freelance basis.

  • Mark & Elliot Steel have entered the chat


    (Wasn't sure where best to put this tbh)

  • I mean. What the even fuck is that article? Chiles’s columns increasingly feel to me like they’re all part of an in joke I don’t fully get.

  • Just wait until he finds out my MiL bought a £12,000 Skoda, gets it picked up for its MOT and service, and has in washed and valeted at least once a month just to drive to Sainsbury’s and back once a week.

  • There's your problem. Cars are for adults, bikes are kids toys. Everyone knows that.

  • "The kids in the box always looked so vulnerable, sitting there at white-van exhaust-pipe height. And unless the parent was super-fit, pedalling miles every morning, I couldn’t see how they were an alternative to car use"

    He was dangerously close to getting the point there somewhere.

  • I think he probably got chatgpt to write it, I asked for an anti-cargo bike article in his style:

    As a sports enthusiast and a proud member of society, I am appalled by
    the growing trend of cargo bikes. These oversized bicycles are a
    blight on our roads and a danger to everyone around them.

    First of all, let's be clear: cargo bikes are not practical. They are
    slow, cumbersome, and can barely hold more than a few grocery bags. If
    you need to transport something heavy or bulky, get a car or a van.
    It's that simple. Why risk your safety and the safety of others by
    attempting to haul heavy loads on a flimsy bicycle?

    Secondly, cargo bikes are an eyesore. Have you ever seen one of these
    things? They're like a cross between a bike and a wheelbarrow. They
    clog up our streets and sidewalks, making it difficult for pedestrians
    to get around. And don't even get me started on the ridiculous
    accessories that people attach to them, like cup holders and
    umbrellas. It's all just a desperate attempt to make them seem more
    practical than they really are.

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, cargo bikes are a safety
    hazard. They are difficult to maneuver and can easily cause accidents.
    Imagine you're driving down the road, minding your own business, when
    suddenly a cargo bike swerves in front of you. You slam on the brakes,
    but it's too late. You crash into the bike and the rider goes flying.
    It's a disaster waiting to happen.

    In conclusion, cargo bikes are a pointless and dangerous trend that
    needs to stop. We need to encourage people to use more practical forms
    of transportation and leave the oversized bicycles to the circus
    performers. Let's keep our roads safe and our streets clear of these
    clunky, cumbersome contraptions.

  • I'd say you should put this in the comments on the article but they are, predictably, turned off. I presume this is to stop readers pointing out his proximity to the paper's editor...

  • Obviously I abhor the idea of AI and am terrified of the fascistic potential it holds and the blindness with which we’re rushing toward it, but that’s funny.

  • I'd say you should put this in the comments on the article but they are, predictably, turned off. I presume this is to stop readers pointing out his proximity to the paper's editor...

    They were on last night - didn't see a single comment in agreement with him.

  • Clarkson in the Sun today. Half expecting agro on the commute next week as a result, although no lycra, no camera, cheap bike might help protect me.

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Daily Mail in cycling shocker!

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